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Hey everyone! In this video I compare the two operating systems android and BlackBerry 10 (BB10). I hope you enjoy the video. Keep in mind that I’m no expert in the use of android 😉
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35 Comments on BLACKBERRY vs ANDROID

  1. Thanks so much love ur videos. I really love my BlackBerry classic but it took me forever to sideload Google Playstore so that I can use my activity tracker. Plus the apps are so limited. When I do get an app downloaded the interpretation messages are annoying. I ordered t HTC 10 for syncing my workouts. I don't know if I will keep the classic at same time. But I really enjoyed your video

  2. I like to get the blackberry passport but it is safe to get knowing that the company (BB) is going down and down… my coworkers think I'm crazy to get the Passport Cellphone. ?

  3. I figure your not on Facebook (you should be!!) but if you were, and since Facebook support is going away on BlackBerry at the end of the year, what would you use as a FB substitute?? I currently use Facebuck, which works really well. I tried Face10, but they push the Pro version, and I really don't want to buy a Pro version. I don't know if Facebuck will work without BB support either…….haven't heard anything. Your opinion please (and get on Facebook!!!)!! :-)

  4. This is a great video. I have the Q10 myself but thinking about getting the Leap (still thinking). I like my Q10 and it does everything I need to for my YT channel and personal life. I don't want all the apps. Just certain ones like Twitter and Facebook. Subscribed and I look forward to more videos.

  5. II agree with your arguments, and Blackberry is the safest phone market with its most productive and efficient operating system I have ever used. I hope to further develop bb10, and developers continue working to make native applications for a great performance of branded phones. I like your videos and hope you remain faithful to blackberry because people like us were few. I used 8520 Curve, 9900 Bold, z10, q10 recently and in a few days, I buy a passport, the best blackberry ever created with its own marking system. Priv is fine but the system no longer android. a greeting.

  6. You are awesome! Hello from Miami Beach: I use unlocked Passport with Tmobile along with Cobalt's Google Play Services install to run just about all Andriod apps I need. Works well for me running my Real Estate business.

  7. Jan Ole…good review…smart young man! I'm a BB lover as well due to its keyboard (BB Classic)…but I also use sony Xperia z ultra as well (for entertainment and social media), both are very important gadgets for my daily use…

  8. I am using my BlackBerry z10 for half a year now and i am in love with BlackBerry Os. I love BlackBerry Hub and even virtual keyboard is awesome on the BlackBerry. And its fast and intuitive. I can play casual games like Kiwi Wonder. Camera is average but to show photos directly form the BlackBerry screen is good enough. I like its 4.2 inches screen but i like even smaller screens so i would probably love a BlackBerry Classic with "just" 3.5 inches screen.
    I hate big screens and big phones so i am begging BlackBerry – make some nice phones with BlackBerry 10 and smaller screen – don't go entirely on the BlackBerry Priv way

  9. First of all congrats on another great video with that slick Intro! I switched from Nexus 6 to a BlackBerry Passport SE. This device has basically replaced my laptop and with the 10OS productivity is A1. By the way I have Google Playstore installed and yes can use Snapchat and etc. All work great. You can get all the details to loading directly on device via Crackberry Forums no pc needed. Would be good to see a review on the Passport SE. Good luck and keep the videos coming. All the best from Madrid.

  10. Thanks for supporting and reviewing Blackberry devices and OS10.I had a Passport SE but returned it–awesome device but too big for me.I ended up getting a Z30 new for $200. The touch keyboard has to be the best ever on any phone.

  11. Nice video – I do like BB10, but there just isn't a larger, powerful, high-end BB10 phone. My last BB10 was the Z10 – unfortunately I broke 2 of them and they're just too small to use comfortably.

    Next I switched to iPhone 5 followed by the iPhone 6 while waiting for Blackberry to make a large touchscreen BB10 phone.

    CurrentlyI have the Blackberry Priv. It's a powerful device but, again, it's a poor comparison to BB10 and its wonderful hub, so now I'm still using my iPhone 6 while the Priv collects dust in the bottom of my briefcase. The sad news is the media has quoted Blackberry officials as saying the company won't be making any new BB10 devices.

    This is sad, indeed.

  12. bb10 when it came out was amazing. I've had every bb10 device…

    but now all the apps are slow… especially android side loaded apps.

    with out WhatsApp support how can anybody keep there bb10/device?

    I miss my blackberry… but I need the apps and priv was awful

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