Blackberry Vienna: Rumors & Concepts (2015-2016)

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Blackberry’s first Android phone (the PRIV) has sold very well, and now a sequel is in development! Here’s everything we know so far about the Vienna, Blackberry’s next flagship handset.

Blackberry PRIV First Look:

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5 Comments on Blackberry Vienna: Rumors & Concepts (2015-2016)

  1. I assume LG will start designing keyboard modular for their G5 smartphone. Blackberry also made a keyboard version for Iphones but now it is not in the hardware business anymore. I think the CEO fails to do anything, especially coming to full final realisation that they are too late in the game. The company is downsizing, OS shutdown, security BS, outdated ideas and fails to recognise the trend. BB ur too stubborn to be a smartphone.

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