BlackBerry Venice Priv quick look!

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Here’s the first look at the BlackBerry Priv (Venice, courtesy of our friends at Baka Mobile!

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48 Comments on BlackBerry Venice Priv quick look!

  1. BB could have done this 2 years before. I wish, Nokia could have done the same. Looks BB hardware with Android software.
    Another good part is Physical Keyboard. Excellent for typo people, I personally likes it. Secondly that scrolling feature from the Keyboard. Just love that.

  2. A priv seems to have a top camera! blending a 'finally decent' cam in a phone is good!!               No good description of Google developed exclusive pro's. hmmmm – that may be Chen's best cards, too, tho physic feel-touch on querty has to be great (never had Blackb before, so don't know) – but querty on bottom (like theres another choice) is hard for poor right thumb  – drop phone design; so two hand shot only :), like Indian sex positions: elusive!!!

  3. Nice!! The device Built is identical to the Dell Venue Pro.
    We so need more such variants of "Qwerty-Slider-Touch" smart phones in the market.
    Looks promising.

  4. I don't like it .The phone looks old and ugly.ugly. I've never been a fan of Blackberry . I will be leaving Samsung and going to pure Android which of course is Nexus. Will Samsung still be making mobiles in 5 years time? One thing for sure i will never touch Apple.

  5. at 1 minute mark and a little bit before he said you can slide up and down through your documents. Well that's the exact exact thing as touching your screen so why include whats already their.

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