BlackBerry Q10 vs. BlackBerry Z10 – what’s the best BlackBerry phone?

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BlackBerry Q10 vs. BlackBerry Z10 review. What’s the better BlackBerry phone?–whats-the-best-blackberry-phone

27 Comments on BlackBerry Q10 vs. BlackBerry Z10 – what’s the best BlackBerry phone?

  1. Those who have a phone BlackBerry z10 am going to subscribe to his channel am not joking. Because I love z10 it's better then q10. This is to inform don't buy q10!!!! Trust me buy z10 or z30. The q10 phone the battery is going to finish faster also can't download Facebook on q10 on z10 I can download Facebook Instagram it's not working on q10 Wtf On z10 Instagram working am not joking just trust me OK

  2. OMG!!! I hate the prediction aspact, soooo over touch screen, got the q 10 🙂 can't wait til it gets here 🙂 I know it's all about personal choice I just cannot take touch screens anymore and they make you look dumb lol

  3. just ordered a q10 gold edition !! cant wait to seeeee it 🙂 . I had a z10 for like 2 3 months but the main problem was skype (or other calling apps) crashing and battery life was sick

  4. ive been using the 9700 for 3 years now and its excellent for work. im actually getting the q10 but i thought i should get the iphone 5s. so blackberry for work, iphone 5s for fun and media. Perfect combo!

  5. I had  a  q10 absolutely  hated screen was to small  when  I  was  scrolling  in apps it'd sometime  go to  active frame  and the  flick keyboard  on z1o a lot better

  6. Well because of people saying try the keyboard out i bought the z10 and sold it after 2 months… soon i go buy q10

    Keyboard on z10 was even worse then on my note 2 but i quess becayse of size

  7. I have an iPhone 4s. Contract over. Hate the iPhone and android phones are huge. I really miss my old blackberry curve. The passport looks too big sick of giant phones. And the classic seems like a bold I would have to wait for. So I'm opting for an out of date q10. 

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