BlackBerry Priv vs iPhone 6S

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In this video at the request of a lot of you the viewers, I compare the BlackBerry Priv to the iPhone 6S, Spoiler loser gets dropped literally.
Let me know what you think in the comments below, Whats your opinion and what device should I compare the BlackBerry Priv against next?

Please watch: “BlackBerry Priv NO BS REVIEW”

29 Comments on BlackBerry Priv vs iPhone 6S

  1. So you don't see lags and stutters on the Priv? Why are so many reviews so contradicting? The only one thing I'm concerned about is the software lag. I am all about smoothness. Could anyone answer me? Are lags fixed with software update? 100% fixed? Or just mostly fixed? Or not at all fixed? I don't want Nexus 6p, so please don't recommend that.

  2. everyone should own this blackberry priv! you know why! when rim blackberry about to go bankrupt at the end of 2016 because no one buying their smartphone anymore. This probably their last smartphone coming out from blackberry and those guys working at blackberry knows it!

  3. Great review. Some more reasons why Blackberry Priv is the clear winner.

    – If you have not used Blackberry Hub, you don't know what true productivity is.

    – If you have never used Blackberry keyboard (I mean the on-screen keyboard of Blackberry running OS 10 or Priv), you don't know how much fun is in messaging. The best keyboard of any phone so far!

    -If you keep on dropping on your phone, Blackberry devices won't disappoint you. I can tell you from experience. They are far more durable.

    Love it.

  4. it's a tie in some ways because BlackBerry does have a way to keep hackers out of the phone but iphone has a secure way of keeping hackers out the network.
    Apples and Berries don't really compare in some ways in other ways they do.
    Apple does not and as far as I can tell are hard headed and refuse to build a decent call blocker and so Apple sucks in that area, BlackBerry wins because you can install one of your choice.
    icandy don't sell phone substance does unless you are a teenager that likes icandy that is…
    my hope is that BlackBerry will beef up network security.

  5. I just got rid of my 6S for this and I love it and it is different, also I'll use it for awhile and I know iPhone 7 coming out, but I'll be switching phones to damn much and bill goes up and I'll just use this for now and use my jump when I'm ready to get a new phone.

  6. I also agree with you on some points. But the blackberry is a better business phone. iPhone is a better entertainment phone. But with that new merge of the 2. I'll say bb has the upper hand.

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