BlackBerry PRIV vs. iPhone 6s Plus – Old foes meet again

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When the original iPhone was announced 9 years ago, the smartphone market landscape was very different. Since then the iPhone has gone from strength to strength, leaving BlackBerry trying to reinvent itself. More than once.

BlackBerry has had to start again with its very first Android handset. But just how does BBerry’s first Google-powered phone compare with what many regard to be the best phablet around?

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27 Comments on BlackBerry PRIV vs. iPhone 6s Plus – Old foes meet again

  1. Really love the Priv. its a clever design with amazing software features. love the curve edge screen. the back cover could be more solid though.

  2. It's cool that you showed off the curved edges of the Priv's screen. A lot of reviewers mention it but they don't show it off in action like they do with their Samsung Edge reviews. Also, you should have talked more about the physical keyboard since it is the main standout feature. It is also a trackpad that allows for gestures, scrolling, and shortcuts. Overall this is a pretty nice and honest comparison of the two phones.

  3. Sold my rose gold 6s plus to buy a blackberry priv the os dosnt bother me just love blackberry but the priv is a must have phone it's different to all the other candy bars out there

  4. Has I say to you, your iphone 6s+ is great but for my needs : I need microsd slot, and when I plug my bb10 on my computer it's like to connect an hard disk: only copy and past my files ! Bb10 devices are like a computer that's why I prefer bb10 than iphone ! I can do more with my bb10 phone than my lasts iphones! With BlackBerry 10 we don't need synchronization with iTunes or logiciel, I just copy and paste all my files that I want on my devices ! Iphone don't have that ! Depends of your needs ! But for me iphone don't respond of my needs !

  5. BlackBerry Z30 and all bb10 device are better than all iphones and the 6S because :There is a slot microsd until 128 gig.There is technology NFC who give us to transform our smartphone on a wallet to pay bill without cash.There is USB host that mean who can read usb key or hard drive with our smartphone. We can connect a usb mouse and a usb keyboard on the Blackberry 10 devices. There is usb mode who give us to transform our Blackberry on a external hard drive to copy and past files fastly.There is HDMI port to project smartphone screen on TV.There is Miracast to project smartphone screen wirelessly on TV.There is Radio FM.There is the predictive smart keyboard unique.There is speakers stereo natural sound, louder and better than almost all smartphonesThere is the support of 98% of Android App and there is lot of native apps on the BlackBerry World apps store.There is a real multitasking on BlackBerry 10 and it's fast and productive. It's unique ! There is a huge battery 3450 mAh who is better than almost all smartphones. The iPhone users are wall huggers.There is the BlackBerry Hub.There is BlackBerry Protect.There is BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) who give us video call face to face with natural sound, share screen option, share cloud storage integration of Dropbox, One Drive, Box, Mega, etc.There Blackberry Blend a must have! BlackBerry is an amazing device for professionals people but also for everybody who wants the best smartphones for productivity ! I include BlackBerry Z30, Z10, Z3, Q10, Q5, Passeport, Classic! Don't compare iphone crap to the BlackBerry 10 devices king! If you want to be a isheep and squeeze to horrible iTunes synchronization it's up to you! BlackBerry 10 devices and Priv are not just a smartphone but a computer in the pocket !

  6. Good review Cam. Until November 2015, I had a "phobia" about iPhones. But iPhones also interested me as well. So in November 2015, I took the "plunge" and purchased an iPhone 6s Plus 128gb on contract. I must say that I have been very impressed by the phone and its ecosystem.

    The Blackberry Priv interests me as well. When my contract for the iPhone expires in November 2017, I will look into whatever Blackberry are offering at the time. (That is if Blackberry are still in the smart-phone business at the time).

  7. Battery life seems to be an issue that some reviews bring up (others praise it) This is only an issue because they never updated the phone. My battery did drain quite fast at first while updating etc, but after that its been great. After being unplugged for 14 hours and having 3 hours 20 minutes of screen time I am sitting around 70% when I get home, and this has been consistent over the past week. Battery life thus far has been EXCELLENT on my Priv. I could easily go 2 full days without charging it.

  8. The camera is 18mp, not 16, the battery drain is handled by updating the OS straight out the gate, i get about 1 full day of mixed use, sometimes 2 with regular usage and no gaming, i went from a Note 3 to a Priv and I am glad i did!

  9. I really don't get these comparisons. doesn't talk about real world use. How does the phone function? how does the iphone function without BlackBerry's shortcuts? How good is the iphone for emailing or messaging? how does it compare to the BlackBerry without BlackBerry's shortcuts? Don't know why you'd talk about what a phone looks like and not how it works. but since we are here the phone made out of the same material as a coke can wins the design segment over carbon fibre? Oh please. That said this is one of the better comparisons i've watched. cheers.

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