Blackberry Priv vs Blackberry Passport

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Quick unboxing of both phones and why I will be returning the Priv

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  1. I got the classic too but when I really looked at the priv I came to the same conclusion as you and just upgraded to the silver edition as well because I want a BLACKBERRY, so definitely a good call.

  2. The BlackBerry Passport is unbeatable ! I can't imagine to switch to Android, lagdroid. My BlackBerry Passport is my dayly driver phone and my second is my BlackBerry Classic. Pay 799 $ for an Android phone no thanks ! If the Priv was on bb10 os ok yes but Android no thanks !

  3. This review SUCKS! We wanted some real reasons, but I guess now with how they are updating the Priv faster than other Android devices, your tone has probably changed months later. Also the fact that it's rumored BBos10 is going away in a year or two.

  4. I agree with you're mindset on this, U took everything I thought and said it out loud. I've had every BB 10 phone, Including the original BB passport. Just ordered the silver addition 10 min ago. People just dont know! Good overview man.

  5. I just got the Leap a few few weeks ago and this is my first experience with 10. It IS the best OS hands down. Tried all, this is it. I'm going to buy the Passport to replace a Sammie S Tab tablet. $399 black or white. I like the black I think best but can't see either because no one stocks them around me. Any suggestions black or white? As far as apps, I just use the mobile Web page and pin that to homescreen. I find I like that better than apps anyway with more features. The only one app from Amazon I can't seem to get running is Here maps for offline use. Anyway to fix that in settings as BlackBerry maps come preloaded.

  6. I also hate that it takes even more clicks to get the '℅' sign when typing. I hardly use the keyboard swipe and scroll feature anyway so I've decided to downgrade to the classic. if they ever decide to release another passport, they better at least make it a 4 row keyboard. I also got the passport cos of the wide screen but now I find that I still prefer to watch Netflix, ESPN, shoebox, YouTube all on my tablet. if I actually really need to watch a video while on the move, then I'm sure I can make do with the classic's screen. I also hate the passport's camera, it can't focus and dead slow to respond. also d quality is too poor for a 13 MP camera. I'm not sure how it is on classic but I don't mind if its also poor as long as I know my typing experience will improve greatly. my passport is still virtually new with the protective screen cover still on it. I'm in London so if anyone is interested in buying it off me, cool. guys, let me know what u think of my experience ive just shared. how's ur own experience?? cheers!

  7. I got a passport SE last September. I absolutely loved the fine but in the past few weeks, I'm feeling like selling it and getting a classic cos of the one handed usage possibility. not only that but also the keyboard…I hate that passport has just 3 rows and no alt key. typing sucks when I have to type words and figures with currency signs. also I hate that it even takes more clicks to get the '℅' signt

  8. You made the right decision. Th Blackberry to me is by far the better device. Once my financial situation is better, I will switch to AT&T and purchase the Blackberry Passport. Currently, I have a Galaxy Note 4 and this device constantly crashes/freezes. Now, back in the day when I had my Blackberry Bold – never encountered any problems. The only problem and it appears that Blackberry finally corrected was the amount of RAM and Storage on their devices.

  9. I've had Blackberry phones since 2007. I'm leaning towards the PRIV to replace my Z30. I need to do more research and watch in-depth video reviews before I make my decision.

  10. Totally agree! The passport is currently unbeatable in most areas! Yes the games are better on iphone/samsung, but that's aimed at kids! If you want a serious phone, good battery life, huge screen and not the 'norm' then the passport is the only real sensible choice.. it's a serious business phone and a 'hand held computer' all in one! Would I swap mine??? Yes, for a new one when this one becomes old!! You made the right choice my friend!

  11. Been rocking BlackBerry since 2010. Bold to Q10 In 2013. Was thinking of updating to Priv, because my provider Rogers in Canada was gonna give me a Priv for $99 when I agreed to a 2 year plan. But know that I hear you say, "Priv is an Android with a BlackBerry logo, I kind of wanna stay with BlackBerry but, I'm not crazy about for passport, for me, it seems to wide, and wouldn't fit in my pocket the way I like phones too. I guess, I like smaller phones, classic, Bold, Q10. I'm not really down with the 5" body styles. 3rd World problems, right? Thanks for the video. BlackBerry 4Life.

  12. i think you should have tried out the priv to see if you have the same functionality of the blackberry, especially the main bar on the left which is popular on bb10. for the records, BB declared they wont be producing any more BB10 phones (so you wont be getting alot of updates on the passport) i only wish there was a passport that runs on android. i love the keyboard on the "beast" and the big screen. so i will wait… but Android is the way forward. alot more apps, alot more functionality, updates.. yes i can understand the price tag but you can wait since you have the classic and let the price drop, when it gets to 500 or 450 get it.


  13. I finally went away with my iPhone and went back with Blackberry as my long time user. I tried the Priv before the 14 day return policy and returned it. It's a nice phone but just didn't have the true Blackberry feeling. Anyone can get an android phone for a lot cheaper and it's not worth having the cramped up keyboard. Not hating on the Priv but just wasn't for me.

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