Blackberry Priv VS Apple iPhone 6S – Speed & Camera Test!

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Fruit comparison of Priv and latest iPhone for best speed and Camera!
Blackberries taste sweeter than Apples on Amazon! US –

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  1. Priv won't be on Verizon till February or early March, sadly. Another BB phone will have a keyboard on the bottom under the screen but will not be out til April. They are updating the old BB phones with security updates but there will not be a new BB OS phone released by Blackberry in the future even though Chen says they will still support Blackberry OS phones. If that just means updates it doesn't help with apps, since you are stuck using Amazon App Store or Google Play if you Side Load it on the older phones like the Z30, etc.

  2. on uber u didnt close the app on blackberry thats why it loaded so fast and u need to also delete cache on chrome this browser was a little bit unfair

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