BlackBerry Priv unboxing

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PhoneArena presents an unboxing video of the BlackBerry Priv.
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30 Comments on BlackBerry Priv unboxing

  1. hello bro
    nice video , nice presentation
    just have one question for you i have looked at your wrist watch and seems quite impressive to me.
    so just wondering if you please tell me about your watch..

  2. I dont like it to be honest. I have always felt like these touch slider phones are sorta redundant. Why use physical keyboard when u have the touch one, and why use the touch when you prefer the physical? I see no privilege in this phone. (my opinion)

  3. I just returned mine. It runs fucking hot and the camera was slow as could be. Other than that it was a top notch phone. Much better than the piece of shit iPhone I traded it for.

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