BlackBerry Priv – Top 5 Things to Know

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Looking to pick up the BlackBerry Priv? Here are some things to know before you buy.

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25 Comments on BlackBerry Priv – Top 5 Things to Know

  1. Great to hear a more balanced review of the Priv. So many reviews are repeating the same old preconceived circulating stories. The phone is fast and fantastic. Solid build, feels great in the hands. The on-screen keyboard is the best on the market, unparalleled predictive typing! Best sound on the market (for those of you who still use it as a phone!). Too bad it gets so hot! If Blackberry can improve power management and round off its corners, they will have achieved a comeback rarely seen at this scale in this brand driven, image conscious, corporate world! Congrats again TechnoBuffalo for your objective review!

  2. why my blackberry priv is getting hot while I just turn on and swipe left and right about 1mn? It is always burn my hand whenever I play game for just around 4mn. I tried to reset factory, but it didn't work. Now I'm really disappointed. I just turn it on and holding it in my hand and I do nothing with it, but it is hotter and hotter. Do you have any solution?

  3. i disabled all blackberry services except the keyboard and now the phone dosnt get warm anymore. no bb hub or anything but if your coming form bb10 your gonna be disappointed in the hub. like the op2 has the "shelf" and g3/g4 has there fitness app on the left side of the home screen thats where blackberry needed to put the hub. for now ill take the no heat over using the hub.

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