BlackBerry PRIV Software – Better than Stock Android?

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More often than not, when a manufacturer decides to mess with software, adding its own ‘valuable’ take on what we should have on our phones, it ends up being a laggy mess of unused features. Whether its LG with its inefficient launcher, or Samsung with its TouchWiz, no Android OEM gets it right.

With BlackBerry’s PRIV, although there are undoubtedly a couple of things I’d change, most of the custom software is very useful and is — dare I say it — better than stock Android…

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15 Comments on BlackBerry PRIV Software – Better than Stock Android?

  1. How does the Privs battery life compare to note 5? I have a note 5 and the battery doesn't even last me even 75% of the day. It's shit. I was going to get the g5 because of replaceable battery, expandable storage and new tech but the priv REALLY has a lot of amazing features I know are better than any other phone. Also, how does the priv camera compare to note 5? Bote 5 camera is amazing

  2. btw. one of my dislikes about the priv is that it doesn't have BlackBerry's browser and file manager. chrome and firefox suck, opera is lacking a decent reading mode. I really, really want these apps to be released for android soon. bit surprised you support them not being on android.

  3. Good demo. A bit surprised you didn't mention BlackBerry's pop up widgets. it gives users the ability to differentiate between whether they want to go back to what they were working on in an app or instantly view an inbox. ironically it's available for outlook, gmail and text messenger but not for the hub. Hopefully there'll be a priority inbox shortcut in the next hub update. cheers

  4. Honestly I tried nexus pure android from two days, and it was the most bored operating she I have ever tried (am a 3 years old z10 user )I prefer my android device to have some useful futures like on blackberry priv and galaxy note 5/s6 edge plus Samsung was very bad but now it is in the right direction Blackberry surprised me to be honest because this is the first android device for them and the operating system is well built It has the smoothness of the pure android and some cool futures which will make you not feeling bored while using your android unlike the 100% stock Android experience (nexus)

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