Blackberry Priv Review: One Month with an Android Keyboard Slider Smartphone

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Blackberry made the jump to Android, and brought along a killer little keyboard. Is that enough to get folks to switch to BB for their next smartphone? Let’s check out the Priv!
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34 Comments on Blackberry Priv Review: One Month with an Android Keyboard Slider Smartphone

  1. since I fist laid eyes on this phone…I LOVED IT…the keyboard…the look…the batterylife…. BUT the only thing that gives me doubt is the front facing camera…. for someone who takes constant front facing pictures and selfies with others…. it's hard to switch from 4 generations of amazing LG phones to the PRIV…still thinking about it.

  2. +JuanBagnell Best review for the blackberry priv review i've seen on Youtube handsdown. You Sir just gained a new subscriber :D.
    Ohh on more thing do you mind telling me what game you had installed on the priv please looked real cool. All the best!!

  3. I am into my 3rd week with the PRIV. I agree with you on the software. I think Blackberry needs to sit down and help google out by using some more of BB10. I have to say it is much nicer software to use then Android. I love the hardware and have a updated phone so I have had no lag, no soft back it has been rock solid. Heats up the odd time but not stupid hot. the camera was awesome at Christmas time and my iPhone kids were embarrassed at their picture quality. All of them borrowed my phone for pictures!

  4. Theres new software and when you think about it. Its where BBRY starts with Android.  In time there will be better software and a better experience. That's what Blackberry does.  In Time. Thanks for the positive review.

  5. Not 100% sure what level the hub is at with the release of BlackBerry's first device, But on bb10 i do remember it getting a lot better after the first few updates. In particular the ability to prioritise/organise what's most important and hide what isn't.
    I suspect that on android running up to a couple of primary emails, calls, i.m's in the hub, then running everything else in a seperate email client like the one you claimed to be used to would be the way to go.
    I am running the android email clients you pictured on my sony xperia z5 and they are by no means anywhere near as good as the BlackBerry hub on my passport.

  6. I honestly don't see the drawbacks on the software side, except for the bugs, the hub was and is a great way to comunicate on BB10 and one of the main reasons why I didn't move to android. Another great addition seems to be the picture passoword. The new multitasking layout also looks way better (and kynda BB10ish) IMO, since it's now possible to see allmost all open apps on one "side" rather than scrolling through them. Not sure what to think about the productivity tab but thankfully it can be deactivated. The pop up widget seem to be a nice addition too. I really hope the marshmallow update comes soon, I'm looking forward to the (hopefully) better performance and security enhancements. Overall nice review but I would have liked a more in depth look at the software side.

  7. Great review! You didn't mention why the Blackberry took a bit to boot up though. The reason why it takes so long is because it is encrypted. When you put in the swipe password, it de-encrypted the whole phone so you can use it. This only has to be done when booting it up.

  8. Love your reviews! I'm in the mobile business and I can tell you blackberry is way to late to the game. Android and ios are so good it's nearly impossible for and others to compete. If blackberry went android 3 yrs ago it may have been different.

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