BlackBerry Priv Review: One Month Later and Disappointed!

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The long awaited BlackBerry Priv that runs a full version of Android is here. Watch my review to find out if the BlackBerry Priv lives up to all the hype!

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Copperhead CTO: Nexus Phones Already More Secure Than BlackBerry Priv:,30565.html

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47 Comments on BlackBerry Priv Review: One Month Later and Disappointed!

  1. Ok this review is not 100% accurate. I own a Priv coming from the Galaxy Note4. Yes I Know the Note4 is a great phone but mine was 2 years old and i wanted to try out blackberry's new Android powered phone. so far it does match up to my Note 4 but the keyboard is actually my favourite part of it. Screen looks more true to white color where my Note 4 looks yellowish and the edge is nice too. The Priv does get hot and i mean HOT. But so did my Note 4 and that thing loves to be hot. The cameras are both pretty nice and no lag what so ever and the phone itself is extremely fast. so i guess it depends on how you have your Priv setup.

  2. Only the main points of Android on other devices are more secure (since priv is running older android) but the priv has hardware encryption. You can't root it. So which one do you think is really more secure.

  3. im not sure if this review is honest, if u r using s7 or nexus iphone etc of course BB cant compete specially on screen display or camera etc. I think Priv is a pretty good phone. not for super techy boys but for business people like me, this is functional and easy to use and looks clean simple. phone choice is really depends on peoples taste. nice video quality tho, clear camera u used here. :)

  4. He was a bit overly harsh, but it is his opinion that's all. He bashed the screen and camera for not being as punchy in color as some other phones, but in reality it is probably the other phones that are overly color saturated and the Priv is more neutral and natural in color for the screen and camera, which his what I prefer. He also said the back of the phone is flimsy, which is also what another review mentioned so there is likely truth to it. Still when Priv get's Android 6 then it will be worth buying.

  5. 1st:
    200 Gigabytes??? IT'S 2 TERABYTES!! (Source):

    Copperhead??? Man!!! They build secure Android ROMs, why they should claim their competitors Android build is secure?? Thank God they showed some mercy and claimed Marshmallow is more secure, not their own custom build!! do you have any idea what "Hardware Root of Trust" is? (Don't worry, Copperhead doesn't have too) :))) x)))

    Let's face it, Priv has a problem… but it's not something you can't find on other Android smartphones. Because, that problem is ANDROID itself.

    Your guess is as good as idiots!

  6. People at Blackberry are dumb as bricks, from top down. After about 2008, IQ level went bye bye! BB folks just don't know or understand how to read market trends in the cell phone industry, their top of the line smartphone is 2 years behind everyone else, great hardware, shitty software. Give me 2 years as head of BB, I will turn it around so BB is once again a Bad Mother*** and kick Apple's ass and Samsuck too.

  7. By far one of the best reviews that I've watched in recent months. Very clear explanations, good visuals and the reviewer appears to have taken the time to do his research. Great Job, you now have a new subscriber.

  8. matthew you look and sound like a cunt your points are in direct contrast to everyone else reviewing this phone…. Who's been paying you? or are you still sour over blackberry largely exiting the market a few years back and you don't want to look stupid for backing it?

  9. Anyone can give a feedback about long term use of the Blackberry Priv?
    Did the camera operation got faster with software updates?
    Is it possible to upgrade a non-wireless charging Blackberry Priv to wireless charging?

    I'd love to have a keyboard on my phone, when I had, I was more productive. However, for the price, a couple of things are missing for me, wireless charging (in Europe), top of the class CPU (this one seems to be throttled down due to performance), no dual-sim option. And when the Samsung S7 costs similar, it's really hard to justify these compromises for the same price, in exchange of the physical keyboard.

  10. $799 is very expensive I am using for Business Blackberry Classic but Priv for $799 I don't think its a good idea. As this is an Android best price for this phone is USD 300 $. Blackberry should think about the price.

  11. None of the reviewers of the BlackBerry Priv seem to realize that the sliding mechanism for the physical keyboard adds to the production costs of the phone, something that is not a factor for the other flagship Android phones.

  12. I have the SVT100-1 but it doesn't wireless charge? I've tried Samsung wireless charges and Techmatte. My phone company is T-Mobile but regardless it should still work, shouldn't it?

  13. Ya… I think you should have a closer look and review it now that the first quarter is coming to an end in 2016. The on-screen keyboard is the best of all phones, so not to have mentioned that is strange. The predictive typing is still un-matched. Just confirmed that with the Note 5 and S6. The physical keyboard is also a very accurate track pad, which keeps the fingers off of the screen and out of the visual path to the 5.4 inch screen. The included functions like scheduler, calculator and voice recorder are strong, which eliminates hours of app testing… so one can be more focused on enjoying the phone. It is a little high priced, but hey, its got a Schneider Lens, updates are constantly coming in and Marshmallow is on its way! David Lawman's comment of "excellent quality build" and the no mention of the incredible on-screen keyboard, is what made me post here today.

  14. Thanks for the pros and cons list. I'm still going for this Priv though. The hub is just to helpful. I'll deal with the bugs until they figure it out, and the fact that the camera is much better than my current BB is a plus. Security, form factor (QWERTY slide), hub, and Android in one package works for me. I liked having the Passport and being able to install Android apps on it, but it will be better once I can use real Android runtime for location based apps.

  15. Fucking idiot …I'm an iPhone user but the next version to the priv I'll definitely be getting after my contract has ended these phones are solid!!!! Test it for yourselves

  16. I'm not a huge fan of either Nexus Devices or BB Devices… I also have no preference or bias towards any OS. I have one of each type of smart phone in regards to OS. Just keep in mind; your review did seem quite heavily biased. Not only did the camera seem to load up quickly, but the picture quality is quite great. Not to mention, you can't bash a physical keyboard when the complete option to not use it is available (not sliding it up). I agree for the price it is not worth purchasing the phone if you plan on not using the physical keyboard, but maybe a BB loyalist would like to see their favorite company survive.

    Now that I've had my tangent, I'll leave it at this. Try not to be so biased please. State the PROS as well as the CONS honestly or you shouldn't be reviewing phones in my opinion.

  17. I have used the PRIV and find it to be a nice easy to use phone.  I dislike this type of review, as the author is quoting 3rd party information from known competitors.  The phone has plenty of zip, and the security is very good for an android OS.  In fact I never knew how many time certain apps were 'touching base' with the internet.  Sending who knows what info to who knows where.  The camera is very good, and the updates have been rolling out quickly and they are 'sharpening up' the OS.  I think that people like to bash what ever product that they dont use, to somehow confirm their own personal choices.  I currently use a samsung product, and am very familiar with the apple products as well.  My productivity was greatly increased with the PRIV for the few weeks that I had it to use.  Blackberry might not have all the gizmos for the camera, ie fliters that change your pics to crazy images, but the business end of emailing, getting things done, daily grind stuff is in my opinion, unsurpassed.  I hope to see more phones from this company, as choice is always a good thing.  my 2 cents

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