BlackBerry Priv Review: Is it Still Worth it!? (7 Months Later)

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How does the BlackBerry Priv hold up 7 Months Later? With all the recent updates to Android 6.0 Marshmallow has the phone improved? And is it still worth the purchase?

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21 Comments on BlackBerry Priv Review: Is it Still Worth it!? (7 Months Later)

  1. Do you think it worth 400 bucks? Or should i go for galaxy s6 (yes, last years). I was watching many reviews, and you seemed to really know what you were saying. So i just wanted to hear from you 😉 nice review btw. Clear and solid perspective.

  2. Good review. I like the Priv. Most unique phone of 2015 and has flagship specs. The only thing I don't like about it is overheats some times and the front facing camera sucks.

  3. its something different from the other android phones I cant really explain why its just better with the hub specifically its much better than outlook

  4. Blackberry's marketing team should be released of their duty. The Priv is an excellent phone. Their marketing team is doing a poor job of showcasing this phone to the marketing place leaving outsiders to do it of them. Yes I know, outsiders will do that anyway but the bulk of this should be coming from Blackberry.

    I don't even use the physical keyboard. Why didn't this guy show the virtual keyboard features? Who cares that the back makes noise? Who's going to walk around pressing down on the back of a damn cell phone? I didn't know about the back making noise because I uses the front of the phone, not the back. I know someone is going to come for me on this but hey, I have the phone and I loves it.

  5. I'm a Blackberry Owner: I don't see the down side of the back cover because normally I use the screen or the keyboard and I have never touch the middle of the back cover so I don't press it or get annoyed by it and I have never thought about the problem until now. Conclusion: Not a big deal at all.

    However, my complaint is that I speak 2 languages and I usually text with both and now it sucks because I can't change between them with what it used to be.

    I'm tired of my battery usage and this is causing me a problem in my Asus Zenfone 2, Samsung Galaxy S6, and here in My Priv. I can barely use it for 4 hours and the battery is dead. I always have to carry a power bank with me (All Android Devices).

    I got used to the Physical keyboard so no complains there but I agree with how hot it can be when playing games or downloading updates for more than 30 apps at the same time.

    I do love the software because they fix many things every month + their monthly security updates. but The camera app is still stupid.

    I'm waiting for Marshmallow to come to BB Priv AT&T (I hate carrier phones for that stupid reason, always late on updates)

  6. Well mate, I don't like your review. I bought it in India and paid a lot. When you take this phone out and put it on the table, it shows why it was priced the way it was and how brilliantly different it is.

  7. I would not only say unless you want a keyboard. i'd say if you want their universal inbox, shortcuts and qwerty navigation. I don't feel as attached to my priv as I do my passport or q10. but it is my first android/ios device that i've found bearable. pretty sure i'll switch to the rome. but for me this is better than any other full touch screen device on the market

  8. Bitch Bitch Bitch. Blackberry Sucks<Worst phone ever made. I am Personally sick of hearing All the same people wining and Microscoping everthing to death. I had a curve, Loved it Only thing on this one no WiFi.Next was a Bold 9700. Ran perfect no issues. I did have a samsung s3 only because I couldnt pass up the price. Refurbished for $30.00 and for being my first Android based phone it was very reliable`but battery life was dismal.Then one day while listening to music it shut down and never worked again. Now I mixed it up. I tried to get a passport,but after 3 botched orders, carma was really pissing me off. So I went to my closest AT&T Palace. I was told they could get me a passport in 3 to 5 buissness days, and of course it was Friday. I allready went 3 weeks without my phone, the withdrawel was getting to be more than any mortal could endure. I walked around looking at the other hasbins. Then I saw the Priv, It was Blackberrys first shot at Android. I like Android and I allways loved Blackberry. Sounded like a sugar and cinnamon story. I did the scary Paperwork. (Something about first born male child) anyway I dove into uncharted waters. I also added a 64GB Memory card to house my couple thousand songs. Sinse then I have Been in heaven, To date I have had no issues at all, THe look and styling make it to me one of the best looking phones I have ever seen. Im still waiting for my marshmello update to make my diamond shine even brighter. Every phone has its own sucks, same as the people using them. Pull the wax from your ears and be a little more impartial, instead of black and white. For a first shot at android they gave it a good shot. BBFE

  9. I own a BB Priv, but for me the phone is pretty unique, the software is improving, physical keyboard is amazing, the apps for work plus the physical keyboard is stable and secure when writing and for the apps like spreadsheets the keyboard is precise. For me the camera is A plus is not the best but not the worst, for me for my work and the screen is really good. for me 5 stars. In addition the battery is much much better than any iphone or samsung in the market, for work and travel all day long again 5 stars. Blackberry keep it up with quality phones and friendship software!

  10. The priv has been getting some very timely security updates so who's to say it can't keep up with the 6P? Of course it will be slower getting newer OS upgrades but for security updates, not one bit.

  11. Bought one few weeks ago , really its not worth buying this , it got freeze time to time which is an old issue with any blackberry model , same freezing issue , gets too hot , battery drained very fast to charge it fully takes about three hour , I am a guy i use my phone constantly and I am always on the road , i need to plug in my car charger with this phone from the day one . I am not happy at all with this device , I am changing it within few weeks and at the end I lost money for this . I bought it from Bell Mobility .

  12. I am a priv owner and after the marshmallow update it is perfect …its a great phone doesn't heat up anymore which shows that blackberry pays attention to consumer reports ….its better than most phones out there its only flaw is the selfie cam , nothing else

  13. Well, I disagree.  It IS worth buying.  And it takes better picture then my son’s iphone.  And compared with everyone I know, this is the best.  I do wish it were cheaper.  My son in co-op for College is saving to buy one because he LOVES it. 

    I don’t have any glitches.  There were a few things, when it was new, that I didn’t like that much… but they have fix most of it. 

    I know a LOT of people with android phones and this one is the best.  Considering, I didn't really want android as I liked Blackberry as it was, this has been easy to change to and FOR ONE… I get all the app!! hah ha …. Which, I really don't like or need the apps but I liked to keep up with the rest of the world and what my kids are using.

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