Blackberry Priv Review BUY IT!!!

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BlackBerry Priv Review.


This is my review of the BlackBerry PRIV, this device is the first Android powered BlackBerry device. In this review, I look at the Priv’s : cameras, speakers, benchmark tests, display, design and battery.

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BlackBerry Android device review. The Blackberry Priv is an Android Slider

BlackBerry PRIV REVIEW – it’s almost perfect

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How to install ANY keyboard to your BlackBerry Priv ( eg. Google Keyboard)

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BlackBerry PRIV REVIEW – it’s almost perfect

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How to take a screenshot on Blackberry Priv

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Blackberry Priv: Productivity Edge customize…

19 Comments on Blackberry Priv Review BUY IT!!!

  1. I use Blackberry for a long time. Since 2009 (curve, bold 9000, bold 9900, Z30…). I need to buy a new phone, and I was decided to get a Passport. But I do need to use Uber. And there's this Whatsapp thing, from next year BB OS will be out of theirs servers. I still think that the Passport is a better phone, but I am really thinking about the Priv. Is this really a good phone, I mean, the BB experience and the Android OS usuability? I do like your reviews, thanks for doing it! Cheers from Brazil.

  2. I've owned my Priv for a little under a month now and love it. Such a gorgeous device, beautiful screen. The camera, as you've said is not class-leading, but decent.

    It is currently selling online for around $400. At that price, it's a great deal.

  3. Got the PRIV in March – it is an awesome phone. I still have BB Z30, but just couldn't resist trying out Blackberry's Android unit, with the keyboard that does much more than a keyboard. On a reduced 2-yr. plan the PRIV price was halved, so no complaints about the cost. (Negotiating your contract can pay dividends if you are persistent). No issues with the phone being too warm. I keep it in a leather wristlet, without any other case covering on the phone. Once, I accidentally turned on the flashlight app before putting the PRIV back in its leather wristlet – an hour later when I picked up the case, it was very warm to the touch. But, that was a one-time event. I'm still learning about the PRIV features and Android – I'm not a big fan of Google. I'm hoping the camera will be as useful to me as on the Z30 which took great videos/photos. All in all, I give the PRIV an 8/10 but know that improvements are coming with updates, which will move the rating up to a 10. Thanks for the review, AgentJucey – you were very fair in your assessment.

  4. I have the Blackberry Priv.. for less than a month now. It is absolutely a piece of shit. Getting so hot you can hardly hold it in your hand. Sometimes while typing the screen jumps or it goes completely black and the date and time get displayed in the middle of the screen saying I must open the cover to view my notifications but the phone is not even in a cover, it is in my hand. Sometimes while typing a message there accures a delay on the typing action and it is very frustrating. And now I must take it back to the store and they say they want to send it for repairs. Repairs se moer! This phone is not even a month in my posession. Don't buy it. It is rubbish

  5. Did software updates fix lags and stutters? I really want the Priv, but if it has stutters and lags, I don't want it because I am all about UI smoothness, and I am looking for a very smooth Android phone. Priv design is super awesome, so I'm considering it, but worried about the lags and also heat issue. Please let me know! Thanks.

  6. for anyone on the fence: I have had an iPhone 6s and the newest Samsung and returned the first galaxy for the priv. Priv is seriously so much better than anything on the market currently.

  7. What a great review. Just what I needed to know .Been a blackberry owner since I had my Torch and it's certainly hard to let go and go to another phone. I just have a connection with this smartphone since it was my first ever and it the PRIV looks great. I can't wait to upgrade to it. Only thing I dislike when they come out with the new one stores here in NY say it's good and then they say BUT. I'm just like damn it you. You have to always do this when they release a new one don't you? They are so unhelpful but coming here was way better than someone just wanting you to get the best phone that they want. I always knew if I stuck to BB they would come out with a product would please all of us that finally catches up to the other devices out there.

    I do have a question though. As you mentioned the front camera is not very good. I kind of expected that being that my current Z10 front camera is just no good only when the lighting is perfect but being that apps like snapchat is finally on the PRIV does the front camera look awful on there too because I take a lot of like front facing videos and add them to my story and some times the occasional selfie but will it be to my liking where it's not fuzzy looking? Thanks again for this in depth review. Definitely subscribing to this channel.

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