BlackBerry Priv Review: Back in Love!!!

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BlackBerry Priv:





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  1. it's actually a big physical keyboard. it being so thin is the only thing that takes getting used to. putting a case on it helps immensely also. i'm flying on the keyboard eh. qwertys are my thing though. coming from the passport and q10 is working in my favour may take a couple of months for a touch screen user. cheers

  2. I had to lol @ your text that said Go Pats. You might have jinxed them. However, I have a passport and used to deploy blackberries as a mobile device administrator. I will say that RIM dropped the ball by launching the Passport first and the Classic second. It was hard for me to sell the idea of the blackberry back to upper management because of the app gap.

    While the Priv will be the last blackberry to be sold. I do not know if the Priv will be enough to justify migrating from the Passport.

  3. coming from the Sony Xperia the battery life isn't nice I can't get to 1200 without my charger everything else though screams elegance on this phone good review and good phone 8.5/10

  4. I completely agree with all your comments about the BB Priv. I just purchased mine and what an improvement over most of the Samsungs/Apples available. Thanks for the review.

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