BlackBerry Priv Review: An Imperfect Union

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A decade ago, the BlackBerry was an almost unstoppable force in the smartphone world, with one out of every five smartphones sold by the juggernaut then known as Research in Motion. Today, BlackBerry is on the ropes with less than 1% market share, a stalled ecosystem and a device portfolio focused more on recalling the past than blazing a new trail. With its new BlackBerry Priv, the former superstar hopes to revive its flagging fortunes by focusing on “priv”acy, and on once again making it a “priv”ilege to own a BlackBerry. Does the company’s first Android phone deserve a place in your holster? Let’s find out in Pocketnow’s BlackBerry Priv review!


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43 Comments on BlackBerry Priv Review: An Imperfect Union

  1. This could be great. I, like the reviewer, really want a good android with a keyboard – I can't stand those on-screen ones. But I simply don't think RIM has the resources to make any more good devices. From their lineup, I like the Classic the most. I think the passport keyboard looks like a stretched out photo – it is too short and too wide.

  2. Marshmallow just hit Priv yesterday, can't wait until July when I'll buy myself a Priv for my bday. Would love to see the face of my iPhone fanboy coworkers when they'll see 1. a Blackberry, 2. a great looking Android phone and 3. a slider.

  3. Bought the priv a couple of days ago and I'm liking it so far.
    The warmth while using it is very real, all the problems could be solved via software updates though… HEAR ME BLACKBERRY!?
    The hardware is very nice overall and the changes in stock android are "original moto x" level of awesome.

  4. Make it bigger , it's not big enough

    I want it like a tablet at least 12 inch please .. I want a phone so I can't put it in my pocket , I wanna always hold it in my hand or put it in a bag … PLEASE MAKE IT BIGGER

  5. Seeing this phone makes me think if we are in a loop hole like if all the old stuff are coming back I mean a keyboard that you can physically touch and blackberry like really

  6. As a Priv owner – they've fixed a lot of those issues with software updates. Like the performance, battery life, boot time, app crashing and keyboard device search lag. Still there's a lot of things that need fixing – probably in the 6.0 update… and it's annoying it's not available even though the first quarter of 2016 has passed.

  7. Well i had before blackbarry 9860torch used it was my best one really..because make great video and pictures.i got lg but i will buy again blackberry also nice choice with powered android thx im gonna buy it this nice phone thx for greatfull video sharing sir …

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