Blackberry PRIV REVIEW (AFTER 2 Months)

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Ive used the Blackberry PRIV for almost 2 months now. Can Blackberrys latest flagship save the franchise?

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35 Comments on Blackberry PRIV REVIEW (AFTER 2 Months)

  1. You dont have to touch your screen to scroll down your webpage. The keypad has capacitive touch recognition as the BlackBerry Passport. That means you'll be able to run your fingers over the keyboard to navigate without having to touch the display. it does have other features which You didn't mention about that in the entire video.

  2. You need to do your homework before reviewing a BlackBerry. If you owned a legacy BlackBerry or BB10, the PIN belongs to that phone. You do not own that PIN unless you keep the phone and continue to use it. When you use BBM on Androids or iPhones, you sign up with an email and you get a new PIN. That PIN stays with you as long as you continue to use the same email address. I believe BlackBerry is no longer using PIN's anymore moving forward for non BlackBerry devices.

  3. This is the worst review ever. Not only is your voice extremely annoying but very biased as well.

    According to your thoughts, you have to be living in the stone age to like a physical keyboard. No sorry, I just prefer to hit the correct letter the first time.


  4. The title says after 2 months… did you mention anything about the 2 months of usage? all I heard was bitching about bbm and the fact you dont like physical keyboards.

  5. annoying review. Full of clichéd lines "Who uses a physical keyboard?" "Will this save Blackberry" "The only reason  you would buy it is for the keyboard"…yawn. Also, are you a psychic? "Blackberry's last phone" Do  you mean latest?

  6. Nice video picture and your annunciation is great. Shot blocking is pretty good as well. However when you say you don't like a physical keyboard and forgot your BBM password, you don't have any credibility reviewing a Blackberry. That's kind of like rating a car when you get motion sick. Your pan of the phone actually makes me want it more. I don't mean that in an ugly way. I mean that what I saw on your video reinforced what I know with my years of BB experience and make me ready to get the phone when Verizon catches up to the rest of the world.

    Almost every phone today has a pretty screen, can makes calls, and send and receive text message and pictures and videos and email. (Blackberry did almost all of that first, remember.) However you have to start with the need and work your way to the hardware that meets the specific need. You want a physical keyboard–one choice: Blackberry. You want 100% secure text messaging, the iMessage is not the answer. With BBM you can enter a private chat that nobody can record or keep–including pictures. You want to sent SMS messages from your computer, Apple won't help you either, but Blackberry Blend allows full access to your phone from your computer. You want to securely access your corporate database while on the road? Who are you gonna call? Blackberry.

    If you are a teenager who wants to text friends pictures from school, then the options are wide open. If you are a Apple fanboy, then your choice is already made so move along. Some phone have awesome cameras if you need that. Windows phones have those great tiles so you can keep track of your Instagram likes if you need that.

    Thanks for your perspective on the Priv!

  7. if youve been using touchscreen keyboards for so many years obviously its going to take you extended use to reacquaint yourself with physical keys. You'd have to use the phone for more than just a brief testing period in order to stop whining about it. Although touchscreen or not, i had always found the arrangement of blackberry keyboards hard to get used to. even back in the day.

  8. "BlackBerry's last phone"?? – it's more "latest". They ain't going anywhere and keep making phones. Nice video, but you should do a better research on that. BlackBerry would even exist without selling phones. They have transformed to an software company – but they keep making devices because there is no other platform out there that offers that secure end-to-end communication.

  9. Overall, this phone sucks. I used to love using Blackberry phones because they have the best smartphone physical keyboard in the world, however, the keyboard on Priv is not as great as before at all. I can always make typo and it just feels really cheap(?) And, the software is really weird. Other than the physical keyboard, there will be no point of buying this expensive plastic.

  10. I find it amazing that several of you reviewers say your not sure if this phone will save Blackberry. News flash! they have already been saved! Please, do your homework.

  11. I use the Priv and it's pretty good I had the Passport before this new phone and I'll probably have the next BlackBerry after this one… but that is if they are still making phones.

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