BlackBerry Priv Review

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15 Comments on BlackBerry Priv Review

  1. BB10 can be a great OS to use. Especially if you like gesture based UIs and are satisified with the apps available.
    So I don't think ditching it is a good idea, At least not for the niche of BB 10 lovers.

  2. Battery warming will be gone when Marshmallow update hits in April May and battery life will significantly will improve from the OS update. The Priv has a security key in the motherboard that provides top of the security.

  3. Hey Chris, I really love your videos. For some reason I just never watch them. I was just kind of bored when I decided to watch this video. It made me remember why I subscribed to you in the first place. I love how I feel like I'm talking to a real person while watching your videos. I think you should change your thumbnail or something. Just some way to make your videos stand out more. Good luck, man!

  4. I mean seriously, who cares about the stock launchers features? They are so easily replaceable and always have to be once you cgane your DPI and can fit more icons then the stock grid. I just want to root it and slap on CyanogenMod Rom…

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