BlackBerry Priv review

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Is Android and a physical keyboard enough to get BlackBerry back in the game?

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46 Comments on BlackBerry Priv review

  1. So….. a kid that uses an iphone making a review about a blackberry. You dont understand this kind of "wall street things". Go play angry birds on your iphone.

  2. Yet again I'm posting a comment on youtube tech reviews. My Priv works a dream, actually it's been fine from day one, however, it's had 2 updates in 5 weeks & now it's sublime. These tech geeks who make these video reviews or any review are simply not up to the job. Find something else to do, like washing car's as far as I'm concerned that's all your good for!!!!!!

  3. the negative tone of this review is insane.  just stfu and say get an iPhone.  fucking fanboys.   This phone is actually pretty good.  Everyone needs to watch user reviews here on youtube instead of this garbage.

  4. Should've come with Windows 10. Bugs are a part of Android. Everything Android inherit this feature, there's no way around it. Although some companies like HTC have done a better job at making it seem less obvious.

  5. "I guess you have to be privileged to get a $700 phone with a physical keyboard." What an ignorant remark. The Verge would never make this remark about the $750 – $950 iPhone or any other flagship. How is it any different for someone to spend less money on this phone? How does the keyboard even enter into it?

  6. Physical keyboard and touch screen they dont get along very well. Learned it from my already sold Passport. Even the Passport is shorter, I was still struggling to move my fingers between keyboard and screen, it was a bit troublesome. And Passport workmanship was 2nd grade vs other flag ship smartphones. So this Priv, I dont believe its sales could be better than Passport. RIP, BB. I loved u b4 and very much.

  7. honestly i really like this device i found him like a blast from the past , with the usual and obvious style BlackBerry accompanied by the beloved Android OS can be a restarting by BB . we will see how the market responding. 

  8. The Verge: it's not an IPhone, so we don't like it.

    Not to have hate, I mean I love some of the content they put out but they hold to many biases. Always comparing everything to apple whether the product is good or not it is never good enough to them because…. wait for it……. it's not as (blank) as an iPhone, it can't do (blank) like an IPhone, it's not designed like the iPhone. It's sad to see. But still love the channel for what they get right and that is what matters

  9. God damn. I like the front design,keyboard with touch feature….

    but the camera? you must be kidding…. Blackberry use their way to notice us that it's still a business phone,which always make camera look bad.

  10. I always had a soft spot 4 Blackberry and always backed them up when my Apple loving friends would say there dead! And now when they finally have the chance to come back to show people there not dead what do they do? Realise a ok phone that should be $450 no higher for $750 & to one company AT&T and didnt finsh the phone it over heats and let me tell you dont talk shit till you use one this phone gets HOT! And the camera OMG it took this long to take a picture 5years ago not 2015 like I said they didnt finsh the phone. They lost my support cuz they did it to there selves no one to blame so now Ill happily go buy a Note5 and finally lay my love for Blackberry to rest. R.I.P.

  11. Android is synonymous with "buggy."

    How long has Samsung been in the Android game? Their Galaxy phones are still buggy.

    But hey I guess you can install whatever widgets you want now…

    BB10 is actually a really solid OS. If people really want a BlackBerry, they should get the Passport and enjoy their day. At least it is a Blackberry all the way instead of trying to be something it's not.

  12. this was so funny to hear.
    poor old BlackBerry. I used to love BlackBerry but when I saw the size of this "Priv" in the store as well as the build quality is not that great , i thought "its crap"

  13. This was much more of a product bashing than a review. I have used this phone myself and found it to be quite nice actually.. I own an iPhone 6 and note 5 as well.

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