Blackberry Priv Review

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When you think of Android phones, BlackBerry typically doesn’t come to mind. This is because up until very recently BlackBerry had nothing to do with Android as the company focused on their own unique operating system, until now. The Blackberry Priv is the company’s first Android smartphone, but is it worth buying? Find out.

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16 Comments on Blackberry Priv Review

  1. Great review! I'm about to buy either this bb priv or the nexus 6P, I'm coming from a lumia 1020. would you recommend this one? considering the price of both is now better and that the priv will get marshmallow. thanks! and great review again

  2. my Name is Philippe and i am from @ ITALY =)i have the Hotel maratscherim sorry my english is not good im a huge hardcore BLACKBERRY – Fan i have the :-  BOLD- CLASSIC- Q10- PLAYBOOK ( TABLET )- PASSPORTshould i upgrade to the PRIV ?i love bb10 Operation System , because  android ( Samsung&co ) ios ( i – phone ) suck´s

  3. You can type faster on any physical keyboard if you use your index fingers rather than your thumbs. I am a whiz on my Bold's keyboard. Try it. You'll have to set the phone down on a desk or table. But once you do it you'll probably never use your thumbs again.One concern I'd have about the Priv is that my experience over the years has been that phones that have moving parts that wiring has to go thru, such as sliders and clam shells, wear out. Happened with my Torch 9810 and other phones. The bar phones such as the Bold have no moving parts. And of course with a virtual keyboard there is nothing that can wear out.Personally I prefer having a.physical keyboard.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the Blackberry PRIV. i used one in store the other day and i just fell in love instantly. They keyboard is so awesome. Unfortunately it's just to expensive for me, even though I'm such a huge fan. The heart is full but the pocket lay bare. lol

    Maybe one day, ill win a competition and have my dream device ^_^. Thank you for the review iTechTriad. Keep up the great work you are doing! You deserve 100k+ subscribers. Your videos look really professional. :)

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