BlackBerry Priv Review!

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The Priv is BlackBerry’s first foray into a smartphone that runs a full version of Android. But it doesn’t compromise on what some of us still love about BlackBerry – the hardware keyboard, the dedication to security, and top-notch hardware design.

Todd’s review and camera samples:
BlackBerry Priv – Top 5 Things to Know:

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33 Comments on BlackBerry Priv Review!

  1. Ive been using the Sh*t Berry Priv for almost 5 months now. And yep you guessed it I am absolutely not impressed. 

    First of all, the keyboard is absolutely useless. Why? 
    1. When slide up the phone becomes overly long and the weight of the phone is shifted towards the top of the phone. Making it hard to hold the phone while typing UNLESS your hands are larger than normal. 
    2. But if your hands are larger than normal you will have a hard type trying to type on the small keys as your fat fingers will be pressing everything except the one you want. 

    So why not just use the screen-touch keyboard? Well yes… that's exactly what I have been using the whole time so really the keyboard just becomes a useless function that makes the phone heavier, and the battery power less efficient. 


    This phone constantly overheats when you have too many background apps open, or especially when downloading new stuff. And it gets super hot making it a nuisance to touch, and just plain out makes you feel like your holding a crappy phone. 


    This phone 4 out of 7 days is having a spaz lag party in which you the user must endure and bear until for some reason it goes back to normal. The way I handle this is by using cleaner apps, speed boosting apps etc. etc. Which wastes my time. 


    The camera is horrible. The quality of photos taken is horrible, the capture speed is terrible. When taking a selfie with this phone make sure you dont move a hair for at least 3 seconds after you press the button, or it will be a blur. 

    Takes long time to fully charge, and 100% battery use is about 7 hours maximum. 

    In conclusion… 

    The money spent on this phone can be so much better spent. Please think carefully before buying this phone, unless your a real BB advocate I suggest spending your cash elsewhere. The keyboard gets old after about the first week, so if that's your reason to buy this phone then seriously think again.

  2. The Priv felt great in my hand and looks fantastic but too techie for me as I'm not the most technological person. I'm looking to stay with my BlackBerry (have a Q10 and Q5) but it's on its last legs. I'm a YouTuber who's trying to make his channel (mostly a hobby) more professional and serious but what BlackBerry would you recommend out of the Leap, Q10, or Z10? I'm looking for a good camera but also something that's good for social media. I don't want to have an abundance of apps on my phone however. Any recommendations?

  3. I'd love to try the blackberry priv but when Jon mentioned the device getting warm when using it totally changed my decision, I have a note 5 that I use for mainly media consumption and it never gets warm/hot and if the device gets warm in my hand won't try it

  4. I am using Priv and found it one of the best phone in the market, combination of what is best in BlackBerry 10 OS with android, the perfect combination, Plus the physical keyboard that is extra.

  5. Nice review, two things: One the PRIV has a Samsung screen… So how can the Samsung be better LOL. Secondly: the background music is a bit loud :<.

  6. My friend thought that the PRIV had the best camera, just cause of the 18 MP… I told him that my phone has 20 MP and that my DSLR has a 20 MP, but my DSLR pics blow away the phones camera… Point is that Megapixels don't matter. So this phone doesn't have the best camera.

  7. I like the video. Thanks for the review. I actually am going to buy the priv when it comes on to Verizon if my feelings stay the same. It's a great looking phone.

  8. Always been a BlackBerry Fan I actually have the Passport and classic but at the end of the day they are collecting dust and got a LG device. why you might ask? simple lack of apps and Google services. But this is a game changer and a smart move on BlackBerry behalf. So when this device comes to t mobile I will be purchasing this device. I actually have the BlackBerry Keyboard on my LG.

  9. music was annoying but awesome review! Actual feedback on how the phone is. Unlike other YouTube reviewers who seems to put emphasis that it has a keyboard and a slider, then repeats it like a skipping CD.

    Thank you for awesome review again! Gonna get this phone once they get stock again for my network provider.

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