BlackBerry Priv review

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Keyboards are cool again! That is, ones made by BlackBerry. The Priv is a refreshing take on Android, and if you find yourself looking for something with a keyboard this is absolutely something worth checking out. Read more:

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25 Comments on BlackBerry Priv review

  1. WTF with the price!! This should be no more than 300 to compete, for 650 I can get a brand new flagship iPhone or Samsung lol it doesn't even have a fingerprint reader, is a scam.

  2. I remember first reading the news that this phone was going to be released and thinking that I was sure I wanted this phone when I could upgrade. Right now I have a HTC One M8, and before that I had a much cheaper non major OS phone with a slide out keyboard, I loved that keyboard and I really do miss it, if I could combine the physical keyboard with all the features of a normal smart phone that would be amazing! I want to get my hands on one of these to get a feel for if it could actually be useful in practice.

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