BlackBerry Priv NO BS REVIEW

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In this video I finally get into the FULL NO BS REVIEW of the BLACKBERRY PRIV.
I waited as long as I did because I wanted to see if this device would lag out after a few months, Or stand tall and be the beast of a phone it was for me for the first month.
Well in this video I get into why you should buy the blackberry priv and if it made my top 5 phones of the year in 2015

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  1. I was futzing with this in the at&t store. It was sitting next to a classic, and even though the classic doesn't have the touch sensitivity, I just liked it so much more. Probably due to the width
    Also, where's the period on the keyboard?

  2. i got a big weakness for keyboards bring back memories. reasons why i actually want this phone and i was super close on getting the Iphone 6s plus. even know IPhone is better but that doesn't matter to me. BlackBerry keep up the good work! and keep the keyboard wont be a BlackBerry without the keyboard.

  3. I watched all your Priv videos, and man I haven't seen as good phone reviews on all of youtube. All other "fancy reviewers" kind off say the same things and just repeat the same shit all over again, in every video. Thanks for awesome reviews, I'm getting a Priv as soon as I can.

  4. I prefer still keep it BB10OS Devices like Classic or Passport. The features from BB10OS are still not 100% done it on Android. Maybe next 2 devices from BB on Android will be better. We will see..

  5. I have this phone. it's awesome. much much much much better than the m9 was. leagues better than any iPhone and way better than the crap Sammy pulled last year with no sd slots and tiny batteries.

    for me. it's the g4 and priv for best phones of 2015

  6. I want this thing simply because it's just flat out interesting. Probably the most interesting device to come out in a long while. Another great video in the books ?

  7. +Total Tech Good review – you really have me thinking about picking up a Priv. BTW, have you thought about doing a review reference the Priv vs. the G4 as the two devices have near identical specs (save screen size at 5.5" vs 5.4"). Would you choose the Priv over the G4?

  8. I completely agree with the review, I've had the phone since it came out and I'm loving it. It is the first android phone that has securely (no pun intended) pulled me away from my iPhone 6s Plus.

  9. Have it since a month now. Just great as an android phone! I hope BlackBerry brings back many features I learned to love about BB10 like Blend. But the camera is very good and I like it as my daily driver.

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