BlackBerry Priv: In-depth First Few Days

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Here is my initial review over the last few days with the PRIV. Thank you to Whispersync for Voice for making this video possible. Learn how to add narration to your Kindle ebooks. Visit The PRIV is a pretty nice device but I don’t know if I would pick it over anything else unless I really wanted the keyboard and security features. The display is quite nice though.
1. unboxing: (0:00)
2. Quickcharge 2.0 & Mute button (4:57)
3. A Bit About the Display (6:15)
4. Thank you to Whispersync for Voice for making this
video possible! Visit (8:16)
5. The Keyboard Features & Usage (10:13)
6. The Interface (13:40)
7. Performance so Far (17:17)
8. Hold Tight for Battery Life Conclusions (21:11)
9. The Camera so Far (21:33)
10. Initial Conclusions (23:58)
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30 Comments on BlackBerry Priv: In-depth First Few Days

  1. The button between the up and down volume buttons, is a dedicated button, it's for pause and mute media and calls but you can use it not only to mute videos but for countless functions, you can reprogram it through applications (namely SixTools or ExtraKeys) in the BB world store, it's very useful.

  2. People don't buy Blackberry's as toys to take pictures, tweet, play games or go on instagram. They use as work horses to get work done. Tools not toys

  3. I'm having issues with my BlackBerry Priv. sometimes when I double tap the screen on sleep mode it don't come on, also when making a call the display sleeps and I can't activate speaker even when I push the power jey. what do you suggest?

  4. The Priv felt great in my hand and looks fantastic but too techie for me as I'm not the most technological person. I'm looking to stay with my BlackBerry (have a Q10) but it's on its last legs. I'm a YouTuber who's trying to make his channel (mostly a hobby) more professional and serious but what BlackBerry would you recommend out of the Leap, Q10, or Z10? I'm looking for a good camera but also something that's good for social media. I don't want to have an abundance of apps on my phone however. Any recommendations?

  5. good review not a bad phoneI always try to make sure I have a phone with a keyboard cuz I always like to use the keyboard right now I am using a Galaxy Grand Prime I wouldn't say it's the best phone but I mean I always try to make sure I have a phone with a keyboard I hope they come out with more phones with keyboards on them because I always make sure I have a keybord

  6. Tbh I would buy this even if I don't use the keyboard. It has up to date specs and good design well worth the price. LG G4 has 808 and is plastic, but no one complained about price.

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