BlackBerry Priv Impressions & Overview after 24hrs usage

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BlackBerry Priv runs on Android it also has a slider physical keyboard it has a 5.4″ Quad HD AMOLED screen is powered by Snapdragon 808 chipset it has a 18MP rear camera with OIS and a 2MP front facing camera and I give you my impressions after using the Blackberry Priv for 24 hrs.

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  1. u said blackberry dsnt put fingerprint scanner and its not secure
    fingerprint scaner is not sequre as hole
    anyone can touch ur finger even when u are sleeping hah
    so like this how can we say that finger print scaner is secure
    i think u dont know about picture password

  2. Hey ranjeettt… I must say aside phones yu are also nature lover too.. Dude… U have a beautiful terrace garden man… I m mesmerised to see it.. Most of time i see your reviews for ur garden only… Sounds crazy but itz truee… 🙂 keep it up buddy…

  3. ACP Pradyuman is a tech man?? Waaaw What a surprise!! Well I'm a big fan of his and now got to know him that he is just like me!!
    Check out Ranjit's BlackBerry Hub @ 8:14 @720p you'll get it…..

  4. i think this devece isn't gonna be having good sale in india . if a person spends 50k to get a flagship then we would obviously be going with s6 of iphone 6s. blackberry looks like crap wheb compared with other flagship

  5. Yes, The Phone is over-Priced. You can get better phones with high end specs ranging from 25-30k. And since its their first android based Smart Phone, you will definitely experience many bugs with longer usage. But its just not worth 50k, Sorry its just my opinion.

  6. +Geekyranjit Hi sir I have a question!
    Is still moto turbo worth buying coz i am looking for an amoled display device . Made by Motorola.. Coz there is no such device at around 33k .. so is the moto turbo still worth it ?

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