BlackBerry PRIV Android Smartphone Unboxing

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The BlackBerry PRIV was the first BlackBerry phone I’ve held in years. It was a surprise to see a BlackBerry device running Android, but not shocking to discover that this Android device comes with a physical keyboard. The last time I used a physical keyboard on a smartphone was before I switched to the first iPhone almost a decade ago. Some people love real keyboards on their phones, and I can see why they would (but software keyboards have generally been good for me on both Android and iOS). BlackBerry still has BBM, and while I don’t have any friends or contacts who communicate with BlackBerry Messenger, it’s nice to know that the service is available cross-platform. My BlackBerry PRIV that I unboxed is a part of a personal giveaway to Erich, who helps us with video and was looking into another…

23 Comments on BlackBerry PRIV Android Smartphone Unboxing

  1. I agree I can't really go back to those keypads. back when touch screen was less accurate I wanted a physical keyboard but now I prefer the space and resources to be used on elsewhere

  2. I have one. Used it for about a month. Went back to the passport because BlackBerry 10 os is miles better than android and I can run android apps on it. Best of both worlds.

  3. this phone has its issues but it is still amazing! I hope blackberry continues to refine this design and work out the kinks. great video add usual chris.

  4. I think the Snapdragon thing is a Blackberry thing, Blackberry phones of the past, came with a little card thing that said "Your phone beats the heart of a Dragon" lol or something like that. Anyway cool phone, cant wait for the review.

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