BlackBerry Priv Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update

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Blackberry is pushing out the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the Priv! Here is everything that is new with the Marshmallow update.
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36 Comments on BlackBerry Priv Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Update

  1. How do I add those cursor arrows to select letter by letter? I must be missing something as I had it, updated the phone and now it's gone. I swear I have gone through all the keyboard settings. Any idea how to get them back?

  2. My current phone is an iPhone 6. My next phone will more than likely be the Blackberry Priv…with whatever Android OS will be available at the time I make my upgrade. What will the letter "N" OS be? Oh, and Tim, I "Liked" the review and I subscribed to your Channel!

  3. I'm really starting to consider this phone. I find it really quite interesting and it really seems to offer a unique experience. I hope it goes on sale at some point. Love these videos great quality!

  4. You can not restrict the internet access of an app?? So there is NO improvement over what stock Marshmallow can do in the Blackberry DTEK?

  5. Hi Tim, does having swipe enabled on the physical keyboard disable or conflict with the swipe left to delete word gesture? Eagerly awaiting the 6.0 review for the priv!

  6. blackberry OS was far better than anything, they shouldve kept more of it and less of android, the only thing late blackberry OS systems needed were android play store privileges and etc

  7. Nice video, thought most of what you mentioned is already on the 5.1.1 Android OS, so I'm a bit confused at your presentation. Did you not have 5.1.1 installed, and what was before this 5.1.1 update?

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