BlackBerry Priv: 7 things to love about the Android slider phone

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While the BlackBerry Priv’s full name might be corny, the phone is no joke. Here’s a look at its best features.

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34 Comments on BlackBerry Priv: 7 things to love about the Android slider phone

  1. Honestly don't give a shit about the blackberry features, I'm buying it because it's the ONLY good phone with a keyboard… Seriously why were people only making those basic ass 'candybar' shaped phones for the last 4 years? vertical sliders were a pretty popular phone type just a few years ago but everyone just abandoned them. Glad to see there's finally some change!

  2. That keyboard looks great. I had an Xperia mini pro, which had a touch screen and a slider qwerty keyboard and I miss that a lot. I cannot write a whole sentence with some error, after almost 2 years without it. If it wasn't for the price, I would love to have this.

  3. Good ideas in this phone. My suggestion for the next phone would be to use Sony sensor for the camera, keep up with the latest snapdragon processor if running android os and price it somewhere between nexus and galaxy phones.

  4. You can type way faster on a physical keyboard and generally make less mistakes because you can actually move your fingers across the keys to feel for each letter. Honestly with my curve 9320 typing was larger quicker than on my current S6. And I could even text without looking.

    Tl;dr: physical keyboard kicks ass and touch screen can be really slow when you just completely lose your position. If typing on a touch keyboard really was faster then computers too would use touch keyboards, and Microsofts surface touch keyboard would still be a product available to purchase- not something completely written off

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