BlackBerry Plans to Release 2 New Phones by Feb. 2017, CEO Says

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May 2 — BlackBerry CEO John Chen talks about plans for new smartphones and the company’s earnings. He speaks from the Milken Institute Global Conference on “Bloomberg Markets.”

12 Comments on BlackBerry Plans to Release 2 New Phones by Feb. 2017, CEO Says

  1. Nothing against John Chen, but he's a manager not an engineer, it seems he cares more about profit and financial success, than envision a future for the company, he's not an innovator… I believe in this delicate situation that BlackBerry is right now, where they can ditch the consumer market and just focus for the business and government markets, they would profit from a new CEO, who is an innovator and visionary, or they should bring Thorstein Heins back, he was the one who brought BB back to the average consumers radar, and saved the company from collapse.

  2. people buy blackberry because they love blackberry. I would rather buy a nexus if I loved android. I don't understand why they make BB's with android crap.

  3. The Rome please : BB with physical keyboard. Hamburg? Might as well go Samsung or any other android device.

    This guy is just terrible by the way.

  4. This guy is full of shit. How could anyone be a fan of Blackberry, with an evasive CEO who tries toskirt around simple, direct questions? "When are your phone's being released?"
    "I don't know."


  5. I don't really care about security whatever, we all know BB will hand over data when governments ask. I just want a keyboard phone with the latest version of Android! The Priv is nice, but the keyboard could definitely be improved, so that's what I'm hoping for with the rumoured BB Rome model.

  6. BlackBerry should really really stick with it, because the way android and iOS is going with trying to battle each other for the latest things that aren't needed, will make their devices to sophisticated and become even more buggy and slow, which will result in unreliable platforms… BlackBerry is just enough and needs nothing more… simplicity is the strength!! Used to have everything Apple… now I'm just down to a Macbook Air because the devices like iPhone and iPad have started to crash and freeze, not the Apple I used to know… Apple seem to just follow along competing and not setting its own merit… stop making the iDevices to complex, hardly anyone using the iDevices know its full potential, the ones that don't, use the Android instead!!! Jeeeeez!!!!! Nearly everyone I know who uses the iPhone don't know all its features, and when I show them, they shrug and carry on… they're not stupid people, they just don't need the extra features because it's branded iPhone, it's a fashionable accessory and Apple use their marketing to the best advantage, probably paying the Hollywood's to use their iDevices… look at those Beats headphones, the marketing can sell any old poo if the stars are using them! Just ask yourself… am I a person with a mind or a sheep in a concrete jungle?¿? I'm not commenting a bias opinion, I just want any device that is reliable and does the needs and not more fuss… for now the BlackBerry Passport is my rock :)

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