Blackberry Phones, IMPORTANT tips on saving Battery Life

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This is a video on some useful tips to conserve your blackberry battery ensuring you are getting the full battery life from your phone. . Please Comment, Rate, Subscribe. & Thanks for watching.

28 Comments on Blackberry Phones, IMPORTANT tips on saving Battery Life

  1. i know! i have that unit.. it helped a lot to turn off the GPS setting, but true, one time i was charging it, i accidentally knocked my phone and it fell on the floor and the battery went out while the battery lid popped open. now, i wasn't even using the phone the whole day and it's almost drained. HELP!! it was just on for 7 hours and it's dying! HELPP!!!

  2. your blackberry drains in an hour or two? that is completely ridiculous. but, if that is the case then you must be constantly online, steaming videos, chatting, or whatever. if you are not doing these things, but it drains that quickly anyway, there's something wrong.

  3. Not sure at all how your device is draining in an "hour". If this really is the case, then you are constantly steaming videos or playing games the entire time or your battery is toasted.

  4. @LUPTON02 it would depend on what android phone you are referring to as well as the blackberry. In my opinion owning both android and blackberry phones i would say blackberry phones do have a better battery life vs. Android..

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