Blackberry Passport/Z10/Classic/Q10/Q5 Tricks/tips for Calender (Part 2)

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P – Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month – Go to previous day
N – Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month – Go to next day
C – Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month – Create a new event
T – Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month – Jump to todays date
S – Agenda/Week/Schedule/Month – Switch to search view
D – Schedule and day view
W – Schedule and week view
M – Schedule and Month view
E – Event detail – Switch to edit mode

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16 Comments on Blackberry Passport/Z10/Classic/Q10/Q5 Tricks/tips for Calender (Part 2)

  1. Awesome work Agent. Am sure the Agency is proud of you. Kindly do advise as to how i can use runtastic pro on a q10. I already have a paid version running on an android device (runtastic pro). i need to get the same one running on the q 10, without having to pay for it again. Thanks

  2. ok so i found something for you, that i gave my sister, hopefully it works. h t t p : / / b i t . l y / 1cvEScG
    All you have to do is remove the spaces from the website and put it in your address bar. Its alot of steps but worth it

  3. I really enjoy your videos. I am a brand new BB user. Just got my Q10 yesterday based mainly on your reviews…very helpful. Anyway, I have a couple questions….I have an iMac. I was using an iPod touch for my calendar and backed it up on the iMac. Is there any way to copy the iCal to the BB calendar? And is there any way to backup the BB calendar to my iMac? If there is, could you please do videos on that? That would be great. Thanks!

  4. does blackberry calendar sync with google calendar? any options to record voice memos within reminders… shall be of great help to just record what u want to remember, n hear it at the time u want. let me know if u have an idea of any application doing such stuff.

  5. thanks Mike! i do appreciate likes makes me know im on the right track. also i have about 12 videos to edit and upload…just school/working doesnt give me alot of…thanks again! thanks again! have a nice day!

  6. thanks heaps Agent Juuicy. I've "liked" all of your Q10 vids and have subscribed – hope you continue to post tips and tricks for this phone. We don't have it here is Oz yet but I can't wait for it to get here!

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