BlackBerry Passport: The Design Story

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The story behind the innovative, boundary-breaking design of the BlackBerry® Passport – a serious productivity tool.

29 Comments on BlackBerry Passport: The Design Story

  1. You people did such a great work with this phone. Im giving up on my iPhone 6 for Passport even though I've been using iPhones for few years now. I kind of wish I found out about Passport earlier, but on the other hand, maybe its just the right time in my life for a device like this and that why a came across it right now. Im dissapointed that there wont be next generation working with your original OS. Android just really feels very unprofessional and somehow unfinished so your newer devices working on this os is a no go for me :/ Shame

  2. Holy grain of physical keyboards! It's perfect in every way. If you're a physical keyboard fan this phone is it. The OS is smooth and powerful even despite it being several yrs old now. There are plenty of back doors to get Android (Google Play) working if you need apps. To me a phone is a tool to get stuff done, it's not a toy I use to play games and tweet. It does do that too, but it's a 2nd thought. Sorta like all other phones are toys and can sorta do work too. Want to get stuff done, get this phone.

  3. These poor bastards at Blackberry are fighting a pointless cause with continueing their product line. Used to be great, but now not so great.
    On a side note, their website, despite being adapted to mobile devices, displays terribly on iPhone, with huge gaps and bugs in the layout 🙁
    Just a sad story all together.

  4. Once upon a time blackberry was the leading manufacturer of phones, and people loved it. Unfortunately, their business took a nap for a very crucial tech development period, and they missed it. Now they're trying to catch up. The passport is good, but some others aren't. My mom has one, and believe me it is not the best experience one is gonna want with a phone. Plus, you could just as well switch to the windows based Lumia platform. Those are the productivity masters.

  5. Well done Allison, Brian, Joseph and team. What a massive upgrade to productivity from my Samsung Galaxy S3 to Passport. Software aside, your design on the passport is something I hope will be used in any future mobile device. BB or not. But hopefully BB running BB OS ;). Cheers!

  6. I love your device and i really want to buy one but i have one major issue, i use the number pad quite often and your software doesn't give the option to customize the 4th row on the keyboard can i please have a feed back and if any1 agrees maybe a few thumbs up would help to be able to customize the forth row ?

  7. I mostly type and read on my phone, reading developer documents, reading blogs and news sites and talking with friends, either by Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. I would want this phone, but I'm an Android developer, and most of the time I need to either test what I'm making or having them to show them to people (marketing FTW!) If this phone had Android it would be the perfect phone for me. Still, I salute BlackBerry for creating something just different from anyone else, and that fits just perfect on our lives 🙂 

  8. Blackberry Passport is an ultimate phone. It's design, specs all are great…But their operating system sucks. If the passport had Android operating system, Literally, I would have buyed this elegant phone no matter what people say.

  9. I love it. Its like a phone, tablet, kindle and blackberry laid on the table, and someone fused them together into a slick, innovative professional gadget. I think their design team beat all competitors this round far as evolution goes.

    (sidebar rant; nothing to do with the designers) but Id wish theyd get off this GSM exclusive kick and open it up to other carriers please. AT&T always get exclusive rights to the new phones, but they have the worst service.

  10. Yea sure, small amount of apps, "bad" os system, ugly look. However. Ive never typed faster on any other device (im old and buttons feel more natural) multitasked so fluently, and have been able to edit documents.
    I own now a mass produced samsung s4, only because it was cheaper. I just can't get the real things done anymore, as I notice this thing is only perfect if you want to play games whole day.

  11. i really wonder why some people try to compare BB with another smartphone 

    please you may have to know that BB is just for Business People and its look too elegance also 

    BB Passport is very edle 

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