Blackberry Passport Take apart and assembly Tutorial

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20 Comments on Blackberry Passport Take apart and assembly Tutorial

  1. i was in love with this phone until i realized the battery is shit and you cant take it out without opening the phone.. and most chargers dont work on this phone giant fucking headache ..

  2. Great tutorial, tahnk you. Why is the copper foil tape important? I currently face an issue with the capacitive keyboard controls not working. Any idea why it does not work (I changed the keyboard, display with frame and the battery (+ the camera housing) and the capacitive part of the keyboard does not work anymore. Any ideas why?

  3. hi, my passport have some issues, the up volume button got loosing and both the rear and front cameras did not located in the middle of the glass. Is it possible to fix it by reassembling? Thank you in advance!

  4. FYI anyone looking to just replace their screen — you don't have to remove the vibrator piece or the sound jack or even the battery / keyboard! once you get to the part where you got rid of the frame — just pull/push part the screen from the bezel — it's super sticky under the screen so be careful (you need it). 

    TLDR: If screen replace DO NOT take out battery or other parts after frame is taken off!

  5. we need video for how to separate screen from the frame at back.. passport have screen lifting  problems and i want learn how to fix the screen to that frame. Guide for this please!

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