Blackberry Passport Silver Edition: Unboxing & Comparison

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Blackberry has updated the Passport with the Silver Edition. Although the specs and software are carried over, we get an improved design featuring a stronger metal frame, improved keyboard ergonomics, and a more premium look. The silver Edition also gets 3 new accessories which I also look at in this video.

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Full Blackberry Passport Review:

CPU: 2.26Ghz Snapdragon 801
GPU: Adreno 330
Display: 4.5″ LCD IPS 1440 x 1440 pixels (~453 ppi pixel density)
Camera Main: 13MP @ 1080p/60fps with OIS
Camera Secondary: 2MP 720p
Battery: 3450 mAh

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43 Comments on Blackberry Passport Silver Edition: Unboxing & Comparison

  1. So WhatsApp announced they will not support Blackberry (10) anymore. Any Passport users know what to do now? – I'm still debating whether I should buy it but these kind of things make me think I'm buying a dead phone.

  2. I'm thinking about buying one just for the sake of having one. The silver edition looks much nicer than the black one. I have tried the Passport when it first launched and it's too big for my hands. But the price has dropped so I might consider getting one. A unique design with powerful specs.

  3. I had the first gen black Blackberry Passport and i loved it! Sadly i had to part ways with it. I miss it so much, the level on functionality it offers is amazing, it's only phone that would let you keep YouTube running in the background while you do other things. It offered true multi-tasking! And the battery life was insane! I would get a full day with moderate to heavy use. I'm definitely getting this Silver Edition it fixed all the design flaws that the first gen had. I'm excited!

  4. When you read comments like "best phone I have ever had" you should actually believe them this time. Have my silver for a month now and it is the best phone I have ever had. People often ask about it in public places, the BB hub is such a simple and amazing feature that streamlines all your emails, texts, or any other forms of communication you want to add. Really a fantastic phone. I am a long time Sony Xperia user. Never liked iphone. BB10 is perfect for me. When I went to activate it (T Mobile) I asked if I should be worried about anything with the Silver and the only bad thing the guy told me about the phone is that "it takes a long time to turn on. All blackberries are like this." Get this phone

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