Blackberry Passport Silver Edition review

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Review of the last flagship BB10 device…

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  1. the hub is one of the best features. rumour has it samsung is developing its own version to debut on the next note. Also the latest bb10 is getting on for a year old.Shame about whatsapp ending support….i have used my passport more than my other phones but as you say the os will probably not get new os bb11. the keyboard is the best for long messages

  2. After being on Android for 4-5 months.I miss the fluidity and multitasking of the BB10 OS. Playing YouTube in one tab, then switching over to another tab, or even switching apps is great.

  3. If this phone ran android, it would be simply amazing….this is sO much better than the Priv but it runS bb os 10 – it is so disappointing! GIVE ME THIS PHONE WITH ANDROID AND I'M BUYING

  4. 3: Passport is true multistasking. Open YouTube and play a song. Now reduce window and open other apps like whatsapp, Twitter ..whatever. Guess what Music continues playing in background. Try this in iOS . No go. With Blackberry check my HUB , review my emails while in the background listening to any YouTube video. Powerful! 4: You mention in your review 2 stereo speakers…have you played music..they are true stern and so loud!!! And clear! Also a hands free call sounds so great. 5: what about the excellent call sound quality with sound noise reduction microphones Passport calls are so awesome. Again thanks for you video and yes this is an amazing phone takes a drop and keeps on going. Very high quality build!

  5. Hello first of all congrats on the high quality video and great seeing the Passport SE on YouTube. I purchased recently a Passport SE coming from a Nexus 6 and have not looked back since. But would like to point some items. 1: with regards to Twitter. On March 17th an update to BlackBerry Twitter was released that fixed image display issues. It's more it was announced further update coming in a month with new features. So YES Twitter app fully supported by Blackberry. 2: Yes Whatsapp announced stop of support end of 2016 for Android 2.1 , Symbian and including as you are aware BB10OS has Android runtime 4.3 aka Jellybean. Well on my 3 yr old Z10 installed Android version of Whatsapp and works perfectly all features including HUB notifications. So No issue here we can continue using Whatsapp. By the way more than 1/3 of Android devices do not even have 4.3 Jellybean . So only when no more apps run under Jellybean then we look for alternative options.

  6. Most cooperates in developing countries need blackberry phones for its operations, I personally believe that the only phone suited for all and any business purpose it is a blackberry, but if companies are looking for phones that are allow staff to abuse company time and resource they should buy androids or apples.

  7. thank you for the upload been so helpful to me! the only thing that bothers me in getting one is if jawbone up3 app works ok in bb10? thats the only app im using most of the time and it worries me that it wont work in bb10 🙁 can somebody please help me

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