BlackBerry Passport (revisted)

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27 Comments on BlackBerry Passport (revisted)

  1. hey jwills
    i was able to just buy a at&t passport on ebay for just 330$ brand new!! what a steal!!!
    so excited to get it. havent used blackberry since the z10. Decided to get the passport and then wait until the slider price goes down in a few months before picking that up as well. awesome videos man. keep it up!!

  2. I sadly have not seen any Blackberry Passports in my local AT&T stores. They're too busy peddling iPhones and Samsungs. But thanks to your reviews I picked up a great deal on one and it's on the way! Very excited.


  3. I just got my Passport in the mail today. I've watched a few of your videos & everything you've said about it is true! Fantastic phone! I'm having sooo much fun getting used to flicking words up from a physical keyboard! I loved my Z10 as well, but this is unique. Love it!

  4. Hey J.

    I just got my passport yesterday and it's probably the most amazing phone I've ever owned. (This is coming from a former iPhone user) I can't believe how good BB10 is. It lacks apps in some areas that I need, but the whole functionality-being able to send emails easily, text messaging is a breeze, and typing on the phone is just phenomenal (better than I expected). Absolutely LOVE this phone.

    I do want know if the keys on your passport feel as if they're becoming a bit more loose than when you first got it? Is this normal? I'm afraid one of the keys will pop off eventually. They're not like extremely loose-just not stiff like it was when I first started to use the device.

    Would love to here back from you man. Nice video by the way! 

  5. I'm still waiting for the slider I really appreciate to buy it, I don't really care if it not so great but to me BlackBerry is just the best way to go but do you think it's not worth the wait? Should I get da' passport ???

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