BlackBerry Passport review: the biggest, squarest, most in your face BlackBerry ever

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BlackBerry’s Passport is the biggest, loudest, most in-your-face BlackBerry ever. But does it fit into the current smartphone world?

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42 Comments on BlackBerry Passport review: the biggest, squarest, most in your face BlackBerry ever

  1. I had and used every phone on the market this phone and OS are head and shoulders above everything else. I've got Spotify now even have Apple Music on it. The most intuitive phone I've ever used reminders me of my Nokia NP with Meego.

  2. Love this phone. I don't see where all the issues are. Keyboard, space bar all works for me. Apps are fine. I have the google play store on it. This phone is an absolute beast. The pics I take are crystal clear> i love the phone

  3. "(the gestures are) not particularly intuitive" This is absolute bullshit. Blackberry OS 10 gesture implementation allows you to navigate to /literally/ any part of the user interface without touching a single hard/soft key. You're just a dunce.

  4. One of the first "negatives" biased reviews like this one mention, this included, is how the square screen is somehow inadequate for consuming video. This is ridiculous. The viewable size of a letterboxed video on this device is just as large (or millimeters shy) of the size possible on my girlfriend's iPhone in landscape orientation.

  5. … btw, the answer to your question… ''does it fit into the current smartphone world''… answer is, NO!!! simply because it's not current but from the future! Whahahahahabhua

  6. Blackberry Passport stands alone… just don't compare this device to anything but itself… I've jumped ship from years and years with the iPhones… but iPhone simplicity is becoming more and more packed with features that try and compete with Android which make it annoying… I love my Macbook air and iPad, but my daily handy device is nothing but communication, and boy does the Passport do a grand job of that… once you're used to how the keyboard works, typing onscreen makes it feel all strange now and disconnected… keep swiping up on my iPad only to reveal the Plane mode setting, much prefer the swipe to the push button now… the camera is just brilliant… and yes you can adjust the picture size… took photos last Saturday on Halloween night, that flash is fantastic, all my friends had iPhones, and none of them could come close to my flash quality, ended up with my Passport taking the photos for the rest of that evening… The Passport is a unique device and is not for everyone, but I guess, that's what makes it so special… if you own a Blackberry then you have made your own choice and haven't been brainwashed at a sheep cloning farm… you are individual and don't give a crap if someone has a phone that can do something pointless but nether the less, faster… who cares… I like my Passport more and more with each day and night, because the battery can last that looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong:))

  7. does iPhone 6 plus size or Samsung galaxy note 4 allows one hand typing texte? NO! it is not because this Apple fan reviewer prefers touch screen keyboard that it is better. he is juste more used to it.

    Android apps work well on Passeport, even games.

    total video real screen size viewable is more than iPhone 4 – minus black bars taken into account I mean. I don't remember Apple fans complaining about that a few years ago. so why now?

    the intention of this review is to imagine defaults on BB product before opening the box.

    my wife and daugters are Apple fans. during last 2 years, I've been obliged to exchange 2 faulty MacBook air, and to throw un garbage 3 iPhones. I'm not going to become Apple fan for sure.

  8. All you need to know about this review is that the reviewer complains that there is no Instagram app available for this phone, but then turns right around and says that you can't upload photos to Instagram from this phone because the photos are square. What he should have done is complement Blackberry and the Amazon Appstore for not including yet one more useless app in its ecosphere. Folks, buy the phone or don't buy it, but don't base your decision on this review, because it is hopelessly biased against the product.

  9. I love my BlackBerry Passport. The phone does all I need it to do and more. The Passport is obviously not designed for one hand operation which I cannot understand why some reviews down play the phone by trying to operate the device with one hand. The keyboard is ingenious! It'll take a day or so to get use to its unique format but once you do you'll be typing at record speeds. And I think the space bar is fine considering the thumb position when the phone is held in BOTH hands.

    The Passport is a business tool which it outshine both Apple and Samsung when it comes to email, document editing and enterprise security. I hope BlackBerry continue to build on the Passport platform to make it even better business tool especially with the growing threat of cellphone hacks. BlackBerry is not looking to move as many units as Samsung or Apple users because that's not the market intended. The phone is designed for specific users, business people!


  10. No offence but I ddint find this review impartial, it was demanding that the BB match other phone specs when its clearly doing its own thing.
    I might buy this phone blsinply because its underrated and looks pretty cool.
    Actually it looks like a proper man's phone.

  11. I don't care what this apple fanboy loser says , just ordered the white passport , it was so difficult to find one had to look in three countries finally found it in Germany and I can't wait to try it, screw apple fanboys, this device is a class act for people who appreciate design and want to get work done. It definitely stands out more than the iphone

  12. This is a bad review and obviously biased. I've used many, many, many phones over the last 20 years, including one Blackberry, which i was not fond of. That being said, the Passport will be my next phone.

  13. The Verge has to be the most biased blog out there. The iPhone is not bad, but it's no where near as good as the passport, classic or leap. This guy and the world knows that the only real problem on BB10 is apps just as with BB7. But the Hardware and software has always Bern stellar. This dude is spitting out tons a verbal junk that is far from face. In fact I can no longer trust the credibility of the Verge entirely if they let this be publicly released. 

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