BlackBerry Passport Review –

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We take a look at the BlackBerry Passport, the company’s newest, and widest, smartphone, available today.

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  1. Ive had samsung android for a while, ever since the note 2 came out and now i have the note edge

    I really am thinking about getting a blackberry but im afraid that I'll get bored of it :/ …
    Its such a serious phone and thats awesome but even instagram pictures dont fit on the screen and idk
    Being a college student I am inseparable with social media like instagram facebook youtube whatsapp 9gag tumblr and such..
    Should change from my samsung galaxy note edge to a blackberry?

    U know what.. after writing all this i made up my mind

    Nah.. ill stick with my awesome phone
    Sorry blackberry, the north remembers u were cool once-

    Might even buy the gear s too

    Sorry for the long comment

  2. I don't think you can syncronise Passport directly with Outlook Calander, Contacts, Notes, Tasks like you could with the older version BBs, by using a Desktop Software faciltiy (like the old Blackberry Desktop). Until I can do this, I won't buy it.

  3. Samsung and Iphone are loaded with data mine capabilities. This is how they generate additional hundreds of millions in revenue. Not sure if BB data mine
    as well/

  4. Maybe it's a silly question to most of you but my main question is: can I play emulators written for android phones on the passport ? If it's possible and I would be able to use the passport's physical keyboard with let's say a gameboy / SNES emulator, I am so buying this phone!!!

  5. I hate how every good thing he had to say about the passport always followed with a "but". He also made a pointed out how android apps like four square do not work right on BB 10. News flash there buddy, four square comes native on BlackBerry right out of the box and has since BB10 was first released in 2012.

  6. thanks Mobile Syrup for making a review talking about phone specs and features instead of the usual "well i like…well i dont like" personal opinions most tech reviewers give as if people really give a flying fuck as to what YOU like and dont like about a phone

  7. Old school PDA people. Finally. I will be purchasing this but will have to go over to another carrier. T-Mobile at least has a unlimited data service which most of that is 3G platform. I will be able to stream my music in my car which is being updated to use blackberry OS. I have a Ford with Touch. 

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