Blackberry Passport review (Apps & Games) part 4

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watch me review blackberry passport apps and games..
Check out my Q&A with Blackberry here:
Q and A: BlackBerry Passport Ensures Productivity for Health Insurance Salesman

42 Comments on Blackberry Passport review (Apps & Games) part 4

  1. Man My fully respects for your review is not because I'm a blackberry, is because like you said I think for my self, blackberry always since launch bb10 OS have APPS a lots of APPS but let me tell you this, people complain about APPS in blackberry when you get a report on android the APPS usage the average usage is less than 10 is true, for example if I need to use APPS people use computers if you need really play real games you buy a god damn AMD PC or Intel NVIDIA or AMD graphic card or if just buy PS4 or XBOX a phone is for be connected when you are in motion that's it when you get to your office you don't look your phone anymore, lol except with blackberry blend that's rocks.

  2. I use a lot of Microsoft services. Can you tell me how it works? Are there OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote apps? I need those. And also, Here maps. Thanks for the video, I agree with you totally. ;)

  3. Hey there +starfoxx82, first of all thank you for the video. I have a small question regarding the Kindle App. Is it possible to swipe to the next or previous page using the swiping gestures on the keyboard? Or do i have to swipe on the screen inevitably?
    Regards from Germany

  4. Do you still like it? I'm thinking about buying it with my own hard earned money and everyone that I showed it to said it looks ugly. They also chuckled and called me an idiot for being willing to spend $500 for it. They said I could pay $200 and get a contracted iPhone 6. I think I'm just not going to buy a cell phone. My phone broke months ago and I've been doing fine without one. 

  5. Great video, I was on edge about getting this phone, I was torn between this and a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or an iphone 6. Thanks to you I ordered the Blackberry Passport! Best decision I ever made. Keep up the good work

  6. Fantastic review!  I was on the fence about buying the Passport, but you've convinced me that it would be a wise decision.  It's reassuring that the apps I want are available on the Passport – that would have been a deal breaker if they hadn't been.  Your review was really honest and detailed.  Thanks!

  7. Great work on the vids!  Just bought a Passport and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for yours and "ItsmeJC" passport videos.  Coming from a Sony Xperia Z1.  Can't wait to get it!

  8. I've tested it before. for casual gaming it's ok, but for hard gaming you'll find many lag and frame drops, beside that the games/(unnative) apps take so long to load. Compare it with one m8 which has same processor and GPU. Don't say it's not for gaming, so what's the adreno 330 inside for? just my opinion, no offense

  9. Great review StarF….
    I currently have 4 android devices with the note 3 being my daily driver. I love the note line but I didn't grab the note 4 because of my new job which requires a ton of emails, I figured I'd wait With my note 3 being rooted with a custom rom the note 4 imo wouldn't be worth it.
    I work for a large corporation that used to use blackberry and went with apple some years ago. Thanks for the review, I ordered my Passport yesterday.

    I need that keyboard…

  10. I agree with you 1000% my brother , I have this phone in red everybody wants to play with it , its just to show you how ignorant people are, this phone will piss on its rivals, and i love being different its a good feeling when people say wow thats a nice phone , people from all carriers, 

  11. Thanks bro your the man. And oh I love the sound of that has an awesome ring to it "THE REAL CLASSIC REVIEW" ponder that for a moment great title wouldn't you agree. ?

  12. So do you say you are much more comfortable with the classic as a posed to the passport, because I'm going back to the blackberry and due to form factor I'm aiming my sights to the classic, oh and by the way I think we are still waiting for the real review of the classic. Please post 🙂 dying to watch it.

  13. Hey thought I'd ask you something off topic? Weird yes but he'll need to know as a consumer? Do have large hands to hold that passport or just an average size hand for the grip purposes.

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