Blackberry PASSPORT REVIEW (After 4 Months)

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I’ve had the opportunity to use the Blackberry Passport for almost 4 months now. This is my Blackberry Passport revisited review! Let me know what you think of the device in the comments down below!

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20 Comments on Blackberry PASSPORT REVIEW (After 4 Months)

  1. Hi Karl….I'm a blackberry user for texting/messaging, (and android user – sony z ultra for entertainment)…I use the bb classic for almost 1 year..and quite happy with it…..I'm interested to change the classic with passport…do you think it worths? Secondly…does the silver edition have different spec with the black one? Thanks

  2. excellent, you got the point of blackberry. you nailed it and everyone who says blackberry sux, doesnt understand the point and purpose of the blackberry. productivity.

  3. right now i have only ever used an iphone for my smart phone but i love the productive/professional design for this. i never really play any games on my iphone or really use my social media unless i actually go on the computer (otherwise i will never get any stuff done) so my main issue would be: music? how can i connect my itunes music from my mac to this passport?

  4. I have to comment on this. I've owned a blackberry passport since june 2015. Since then blackberry sent me 2 new replacements , which all had the same problem : all of a sudden it looses mobile network connection and not any network is found anymore. Only SOS calls are allowed.. The first device had this issue after 3 months, the second device after 4 months and the third had it right out of the box !! i sent it back today, and i'm seriously frustrated about this. It's a wonderfull phone, but this problem is to be fixed !!!!!

  5. This is the perfect phone for adults and really hoping it doesn't have fucking lame ass android tide up to all the google monopoly fuck google and android youtube all the robotics they own..soon they'll own your fucking mortgage too just watch

  6. Blackberry is dead to the dumb shits that have to have android and are easily sold with shity commercials about how great Apple
    And android are. I want a blackberry again badly. Apple and Google is a joke, my iPhone 6 sucks I've gone through 4 of them due to software issues and the Galaxy s7 is nothing to write home about. RIM will come back they never went away it's just going to take time for RIM to break through to these ass hole kids and appeal to them

  7. Yup, typing this on my own BB Passport I purchased last August. And I love it to bits… With the aid of CrackBerry forums, I installed the Google Play Store thus have all the Android apps I could dream of at my disposal.The only downside is that it has been overheating really badly lately and I have yet to find out a way to fix that.

  8. I love BB Passport! but… I have reset to factory default.. IT IS HELL! 5 days in process! 2 days of this on last 99%!!! WTF! not hour, not 5 hours… it's 5 DAYS!!!

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