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Lisa Gade reviews the BlackBerry Passport on AT&T. This is BlackBerry’s most outrageous yet lovable smartphone yet. It has a 4.5” square 1400 x 1400 pixel display and a QWERTY keyboard. It runs BlackBerry OS 10.3 on the 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 801 CPU with 3 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of storage. The phone has an ample 3450 mAh battery, microSD card slot, dual band WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. The rear 13MP camera with OIS takes good photos and there’s a front 2MP camera too. The Passport can run BlackBerry native apps and Android apps (Amazon App Store is pre-loaded for Android apps). The Passport is $199 with contract on AT&T and $649 full retail. It’s also available as an unlocked and unbranded GSM phone direct from BlackBerry and other retailers.

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  1. I really want one of these its soo cool looking. I don't need much from a phone. I just listen to music, browse the web, youtube, and reddit, and occasionally use the camera. this is perfect and the touchpad keyboard is pretty innovative too

  2. I use my smart phone for only 5 things: facebook, youtube, listening to music, taking selfies and reading. Even when it makes the youtube videos have those black borders I still think I would love to have this device as I miss the keyboard. Thanks for the video :)

  3. Any problems syncing with MacBook? How does it compare to iPhone in this regard? Is it even worth considering blackberry once you are in the apple ecosystem?

  4. Lisa, I love your reviews. I always check your reviews 1st before any others. I'm a 'device junkie' and love different OS's. I just ordered this phone after watching reviews and researching. Your review (as always) was the most informative and precise. Thank you for what you do :-)

  5. I want to switch but the lack off apps! No Instagram! No Waze! No FaceTime! No Siri! I'm not a social media junkie but I would like to be able to access the most used social media apps out there

  6. What have Apple done to their phones… the operating system is getting messy and the lag is getting frustrating… every new edition will become slower and will eventually have you upgrading… So after being with the iPhone pretty much from the 3G I've decided to cut away, not completely as I still have a MacBook Air and iPad mini, but for the daily device the iPhone is becoming annoying… so I've gone to Blackberry Passport… what was I thinking at first, the operating system is full with so many options and I kept seeking for the HOME button… but after the second day I picked up my iPhone to get some idea what I'm missing… but to my astonishment it seemed dated and so so so slow! The keyboard on the Passport is a blow away… love it love it love it… So fast and no stutter… the operating system is simple once you've worked out which way to swipe… the screen is square, and it's there for a reason… it just works and feels so pleasing to the eye… the build quality is tough and made of top stuff… the screen display is unbelievable… anyway… get Snap running on it and you are good to go… got my Pebble time working on it and now there is now looking back:)) Great review btw! Big thumbs baby

  7. people are have different taste for phones i have never owned a BlackBerry they seem just plain Boring nothing Exciting about this Big phone i know is Cheaper but i rather have the more luxury look with like a more fun look in every aspect video resolution Camera ect On the Galaxy Note 5 best phone for me

  8. Thank you for actually talking about call quality, first video on youtube to mention it. Did you have a chance to try its conference or speakerphone ability, any echo on the other end of the conference call?

  9. I miss having a blackberry. Sadly the only reason IOS and Android are dominating the market is due to better apps than the Blackberry. Remember, the Blackberrys are more business than pleasure type phone. Hardware wise they are still a better phone than those cheap android phones out there. Apple's hardware on the other hand are pretty good also, then again all apple products are made well. But from what I see, looks like BB has raised the white flag and put Android OS on there new phones coming out….. the end of BB10?? let's hope it doesn't destroy the one thing great about the blackberry, the virtual keyboard functionality. They have the best out of all the phones out right now.

  10. My god i need help. I've come from iPhone5 (which i loved) to a HTC One M8 (which i hate) . I'm open to a blackberry but i've been looking into and reading about the classic and not the passport. Why ? first time i saw it i thought it was ridiculously shaped. But the more i see and read about it, the more i start to like it. The phone needs to be VERY durable and i use it 80% as a professional user. I would dislike it if this phone (the passport) wouldn't be able to run flightradar24 or so..
    Real question remains, is it really that much better then iPhone ? (its not that much cheaper)

  11. love at 1st sight, reminds me of my childhood LITTLE PROFESSOR calculator by Texas Instruments. Ive been stuck on Samsung's SideKick 4 because I love the keypad and can't stand typing/textin on touchscreens. I can't wait for this to come to other carriers. I do like the original squared design better, maybe they thought it would be a safety risk around kids or something.

  12. Hi Lisa, I am just wondering if you'll be doing the review for blackberry leap? If yes, thanks in advance. If not, could you please briefly say if it's a good buy or not.
    P.s. You're the best. Have a nice day. Thank you. :-)

  13. So, in order to get the apps I want on bb10, I need to sideloaded snap, look in Amazon, use the pathetic BlackBerry World, or load Android apks manually.

    Google Play Services will never be approved to run on such a shitty device. 

  14. Ugly phone. How the heck is that supposed to fit in a pocket comfortably. Ever since the playbook i'm never buying a fucking blackberry again. fking piece of shit tablet. my nexus 7 from 2012 lasted longer and can do more shit. fuck RIM

  15. I moved to blackberry because of the black theme UI, apple decided to go all gay with the white theme. But now I notice in this video that they are also going white, what the hell? Best phone is the Q10 and I'll probably keep it forever 

  16. Not a fan i'm afraid, its a shame really there was a time when i loved Blackberry……..However they really have lost there way in the last few years and it seems with this phone they are simply trying there best to be different rather than actually bringing something to the market that people actually want, I have now pretty much given up hope that Blackberry are ever gonna come up with a real desirable phone ever again.

  17. Blackberry's physical keyboard beats all touch screen keyboards. Mistakes are less likely to happen. Wish this phone would land to T-Mobile already so I can trade my Note 4. I am all about productivity so BB is for me. If I want to play games I turn on my tablet or PS4.

  18. That app switcher looks more reasonable than Lollipop's. I wish Google adopted that layout.

    Lollipop's app switcher is like the Flip3D of Windows Vista; looked cool for about one hour but I soon realised it was a mess when I actually tried to use it. Lollipop's app switcher is wasting a lot of screen real estate (huge pointless background image on both sides) and too many are overlapped.

    Well, Microsoft realised its problem and switched to OS X-like app switcher (which is more like the BlackBerry's than Lollipop's) in Windows 10.

  19. Very thorough and excellent review as always, Lisa. Blackberry is making some excellent phones (I currently use a Z30 and the thing is fantastic), and it's good to see them get some fair and objective coverage from mainstream reviewers!

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