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Touch is all nice, but the BlackBerry Passport sports a familiar form factor that builds upon the reputation of the company. Paired with a physical keyboard, a standout and iconic feature of past BlackBerries, the Passport is the modern BlackBerry reincarnated. Will paying homage get consumers excited for it?…

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  1. I got the silver edition and I can't believe how well crafted this phone is. It is just gorgeous, the reinforced stainless steel frame is a joy to behold. I had to send back the HTC10 I just bought because I can't stand android and it's entire Ecosystem. This phone is indeed an eye turner. Everybody wants to know what kind of phone and who made it.

  2. Why does every review talk about how "distracting" the letterboxing lines are when viewing video. It is a SQUARE screen – what do you expect???? The viewable size of a 16:9 aspect video file is exactly the same as when viewing that same file on an iPhone 5s (or similarly sized screen) in landscape orientation. Distracting? It. Is. A. Square.

  3. I am a fan of Blackberry. First one was BB Z30 and I loved it, bought it about two years ago and it is still in the same condition. I've bought this one online, hope it amazes me..

  4. Mine arrives tomorrow. I'm keeping my 6 S Plus but I'll be using this for its battery, reception and I need a phone using a different network.

    I think this phone will go down as a classic.

  5. Have switched from iPhone to Passport and after only a week I'm blown away, and wondering why I didn't jump ship earlier… the iPhone is a great phone, but this baby is giving me joy to use… the strength is the keyboard and with its beautiful jesters for many things… no need to use the onscreen shift key, as holding down the letter CAPS it… bad review Btw!¡!

  6. I like the phone so much but i don't know how it stands with apps? Are there enough? I mean I'm not using some crazy stuff, rather basic apps like one Microsoft's onedrive, onenote, outlook. Of course, some other popular apps wouldn't mind.

  7. Honestly I don't understand how can you complain about the camera. I have a Z10 BlackBerry and it's the best phone I ever had. My friends have I phones and their pictures cannot be compared to mine. BlackBerry is better in any way. And don't forget it's A Phone, not a professional camera!!!

  8. I have been using android for two years, I got this as gift from my partner and same day I got iPhone as gift from my bro, also got samsung galaxy as gift.
    I decided to use this one.

  9. The reviewer here did not highlights the good side of the phone. Maybe he don't know because he is not familiar on blackberry device. The phone arena should hire a good reviewer. Its too bad that the viewers will never know the features of the phone and judging only at the looks of it

  10. The keyboard is actually one of the strengths with this phone, It's amazing. I have seen plenty reviews and this one was a bit off in that regard.

    Swipe gestures, predictive text. Quick scrolling of webpages when pressing space bar, or pressing letters T and B to get to top and bottom of page instantly. Are you sure "veteran users of BlackBerry" are having problems with it?

  11. who is this guy "john v from phone arena".. blackberry focus for business people and he didn't say anything about that. may be think as a toy phone for show off…. best thing thing that he can do is washing the inners of iphone ……….
    worst review i have even seen in my life.

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