Blackberry Passport Review (1 Yr later)

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Blackberry Passport Review (1 Yr later)

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27 Comments on Blackberry Passport Review (1 Yr later)

  1. grate review I just upgrade from the z10 and found that this passport is a grate pice of kit  my boss use to use the iPhone but because of the amount of time it when down  put it where it belonged the bin now has a z10 and not looked back

  2. Thanks for the review, I have white blackberry passport anD it is amazing, I think the only problem is facebook App, doesn´t work well. Maybe you have the solution for that.

    I use this phone as my daily device, my second device is an Iphone 4s.

  3. Thank you, Tony. I am considering a switch back to Blackberry, and the Passport has convinced me to do it. Your review being on a two months old convinces me that the Passport is still a great option after a year on the market.

  4. I am happy to hear that ur bbpassport is already a year old. Mine after 5days of purchased, my screen got cracked and it doesnt cover the warranty. I didnt even know how it got there. John Chen even said it is well built. Now, im starting to doubt what he said!

  5. I bought a bb classic few days ago n I was disappointed cuz no Skype no Facebook messenger which I need to make voice n video calls I really missed my android device I decided to give it as a present to my relative, as for the passport I really don't like the size

  6. I use BB Passport as my daily driver for all the reasons you listed. I also have an iPhone 6s Plus for gaming and videos and such, but the BlackBerry is far and away the more useful device.

  7. Thanks for your video. I currently have the Note 5, but I miss BB10. I noticed that you mentioned that you use a Pebble, as I currently have the Pebble Time. I was concerned about the Pebble working properly with the BB10 system. Can you shed some light on this please? Thank you very much!

  8. nice clean review… I hear you say ''Pebble'' I've got the original Pebble and Pebble Time… would be interested to what your set up is with the Passport, keeping the Pebble connected… my Passport seems to intermittently kick out the Bluetooth… does this enough to make me think in giving up using my Pebbles… my previous phone (iPhone) kept the connection going all day long… despite this, I love my Passport and nothing is more stranger and suited for my needs… btw, did you know the spacebar can be used to take a photo… great for a selfie 🙂 Subbed!

  9. How do you get that much battery life?? At a full charge, when I go to device manager it says 19 hours remaining. I have the brightness all the way down and am only connected to wifi. Thanks

  10. Fantastic! I've been trying to find a video about use after this long and you perfectly answered my battery life question. I was worried the battery would dwindle after a few month's usage despite everyone claiming it was amazing from day one.

    Can't wait to get mine. My iPhone doesn't even last 6 hours of use, and I constantly need to be checking my phone where I work. Will make the passport my main and my iPhone secondary! :D

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