BlackBerry Passport Presentation

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Video of Live Event 24.09.2014
For BlackBerryUnited

24 Comments on BlackBerry Passport Presentation

  1. They need to go with bb10 again and a passport se like device with a 3:2 screen running bb10 or option for droid that is left open to being hacked to use both, shh! They will blow up! Android can handle 3:2 with no hiccups not 1:1. Go with the rare 3:2 ratio blackberry! Don't forget bb10 keep it going whilst using Google for the money from the priv versus letting them ruin bb10 they are afraid of. B10 you guys are almost there to let it go is sad!!!!! Don't! ….

  2. wooooooooooooooOOOOOOW! very nice, slick, cool, quality, different from other smart phones! this is what i'm looking for! Thank you BlackBerry, you did a great job with BlackBerry Pasport! I will get new one :))))

  3. I had the Passport for quite a while and traded it off for an iPhone 6 Plus for one reason and one reason alone: the camera. Being a student I'm certainly not the businness professional the Passport might be aimed at (and where it really shines imho) but I have to admit the Passport was much more fun to use compared to the iPhone. The BB OS was a much smoother experience than iOS 8.X on the 6 Plus, the physical keyboard was a much better experience than any other onscreen keyboard I used so far (and I used the iPhone 1, 3G, 3GS, 4, Xperia Z Ultra, Note 1, Note 2, G Flex). But the most compelling feature was the BB Hub, Christ! I miss that Hub for notifications. And the battery life of at least 2 – 2,5 days!

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