Blackberry Passport, my initial thoughts & hands on!

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Blackberry Passport,

30 Comments on Blackberry Passport, my initial thoughts & hands on!

  1. +J. Williams hey there first of all I enjoy watching the videos please keep up the good work. I've got a question, you think it's worth to get a Passport Silver Edition in June 2016 (and whatsapp as I heard will stop supporting BB devices as from the end of 2016), since its 2 years old from now and a new BB device is coming out very soon (however sadly with android)

  2. Its true. Im an android guy but i felt its time to change for several reasons and despite the negative comments on the passport. I got it and damn its waaay better than i thought. Thank god i got it. Great screen,battery,power and KEYBOARD IS AWESOME. KEYBOARD ISNT WEIRD ,IT TOOK AN HOUR TO GET USED TO AND I MAY NOT BE AS FAST BUT ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE THE TOUCH SENSITIVE FEATURE CAUSE ITS ACTUALLY REALLY USEFUL.

  3. @J. Williams you are still using your blackberry passport? i just bought the PP SE edition i was just wondering what do you think about the BB10 OS for the futur ? your videos are nice!!!!

  4. Is there any difference in between black and white one? Because I do know there are some in between black and sliver and that silver one is slightly better choice. But what with the white one? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi dude, tell me it's 17th Feb 2016, what phone do u have right now?, is it STILL the White passport ?
    I love it, forget the Priv, I think BB should release a Passport2

  6. Hey J.Williams! What do you think? I bought a used one today. It was originally bought nov-2015.. Is it worth getting a Passport nowadays? I read so much negative stuff about BB'OS….

  7. Hello! Thanks for all your videos 🙂
    Im not sure what to buy between the white passport and the blue classic.
    Passport is so big…but i like the screen and the battery life.
    Classic..well, we can write with only 1 hand and it fits pretty well in a pocket jean.
    So i Guess it will be a better driver day to day.
    What do you think?

  8. Waiting for mine eagerly. Hell, I watched your video so many times 🙂 I just love white one. And I am coming from iPhone after 7 yes. Tried Android for short time but that is not my cup of tea. Bb is the way to go. Also, my photos from last sever years was getting too much and I hate how apple locks my private memories. It is so hard to transfer even to pc. Finally I will be free and my photo will be on sd card under my control.

  9. Am Thinking about going back to the Passport again but am a little bit worried to hear that they are now going over to Android and will be dropping Blackberry OS as sales are dropping yet again. Is this going to affect updates and will we be left on the shelf with an expensive phone that is going to be left behind the rest?.

  10. Just ordered mine 2 days ago & I'm soooo impatient! I want it now, so I can start playing with it!! ? Having fun shopping for cases. Wish I could find more green ones!!!

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