BlackBerry Passport challenge: Day 30 – Conclusion

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Cam finishes his 30 day challenge, looking back at some of the things he’s liked and giving his opinion on the feasibility of using the Passport as a daily driver.

Day 1 – Switching from an iPhone:
Day 5 – It’s all about those apps:
Day 11 – Camera and Story Maker:
Day 17 – 4 frustrations and a surprise:
Day 21 – BlackBerry Assistant:
Day 25 – Three things I’ll miss:

BlackBerry Blend overview:
Passport keyboard overview:

BlackBerry Passport unboxing:
BlackBerry Passport review:

50 Comments on BlackBerry Passport challenge: Day 30 – Conclusion

  1. Love the passport. I hope they come out with the passport 2. Love the fact you can run the youtube in browser and minimize and do other stuff. A have the Google Android app but don't use it. Never thought I would

  2. Caution: once you start using a Blackberry device (running #BB10) – it will be very difficult (practically impossible) to switch over to another OS – no wonder Blackberry phones are called as "Crackberry" – consider yourself warned ;-P

    If you really want Google Play Store to work natively on #BB10 (running 10.3.x) – you can follow the steps outlined here:

    It was a breeze to go through the steps outlined on the above URL! Thanks to Cobalt, you practically don't need to use Snap anymore – if I am not mistaken, your existing Android Store purchases should carry over as well!

    Cam, it will help if you post the above URL/link in your notes. I will post my response on your "Day 30 – Conclusion video as well" – I hope you don't mind. In my opinion, Blackberry #BB10 got an unfair treatment from the disingenuous media – it is really sad that an excellent OS (that provides the best Security and Privacy controls) is being neglected…

    Note: Given all the security and privacy controls that Blackberry #BB10 supports, you are better off not using an Android App that doesn't run on Blackberry #BB10 – consider it as your personal "gold standard" test!

  3. Hi,I'm a Mac user and I've been trying to manage my files remotely from my passport, but I can't see any files at my client's passport, i can only see my Mac but not files. Do you know how I put my MacBook settings to make it possible? Thank You for your videos. I make my decision because of them.

  4. if you have loads of docs,or files…go with blackberry….i got my passport after using q10 for 2 years and my charger port failed to function and have used a bold for 5years without complained.i did try to use a samsung s3 and note 3 inbetween but the andriod gets lagging and hang on me if i have many docs and files into my emails n watapp……so i stay with blackberry whatever people say about it.

  5. Nice review, can you test Aptoide app like Snap for Android apps on Passport ? I have Aptoide for Z10 and it works quite good, I'm thinking about to buy Passport but not sure how it will works on sqare screen.

  6. I was sick of using my touch phone, and already have a Blackberry Playbook, and still like that one, I'm VERY happy with my Passport.
    It feels like coming home again 😉
    Always the same questions about the lack of apps…. how many REALLY do you need for your phone.
    Only thing I run into was that it unlock quickly when its in my front pocket of my jeans.
    But luckily after 5  fails, I have to type a password and I'm in again.
    Hope that it never got to the 10 times failure.
    That's my only minus on this great phone for me.

  7. I use to have the Z30 great phone sold it for Nokia Icon which is pretty nice but kinda miss BB10 and the amazing speakers on the Z30. I dont use my phone a whole lot for messing about and have used IOS and Android phones in the past. I like a good strike between fun and productive and starting think I should sell my Nokia Icon and use that money towards the new Passport. Then again I might just wait to see if they put out a newer version of a Z30 shaped phone as I dont need the square screen. Hmmm having some regrets now selling the Z30 for a windows based phone.

  8. Thinking of getting this phone, I'm just wondering how does google maps work on this phone and if it doesn't how is the gps services/maps on the phone???

  9. Great unbiased review.  Great to hear an open minded review of the BB 10 interface. Yes it has its quirks when dealing with Android ported apps, but other than that it has to be if not the best mobile OS out of the box.

  10. Great vids dude, I had iphone 6 plus now for 2 months and I'm very careful with my phones, I keep it in front trouser pocket at work and was shocked to notice it's BENT. Xxxx sake Apple can't u even get this right!. I'm getting the passport, a phone that is a PHONE and strong

  11. The media and the marketing has done a really good job. I've used iPhone and Android all my life, and just got my first BlackBerry less than a year ago and I would not want to go back to iPhone or Android. I've tried but their just not as good. 

  12. I only use my phone for the things I have to use it for.
    I'm not that interested in apps besides a voice recording app, google maps and a guitar tuner.
    I use my phone so I can stop using it as quickly as possible, which funnily enough was the Windows Phone campaign slant.
    99% of my time on my phone is e-mail, SMS, and calls, and for this I think the BlackBerry Passport would be brilliant for me.

  13. I think one day blackberry got up from bed, decided it had had enough of everybody's bitching, told convention to go fuck itself out of existence and made the blackberry passport which is the most retarded looking yet brilliant phone in the world. 

  14. Keep up the great work Cam, I too love to challenge myself to learn new tech. The thing is the tech world is so full of Fanboys that it makes it hard to do research…

    I urge you to do the same type of reviews on the non-top two platforms as we both know there is a full and rich world out there of devices and OS's which are woefully under represented by quality tech reviewers.

    I will continue to watch all your videos from my awesome Passport!

  15.  I really enjoy reading your reviews Cam, you are a great example of a non partisan, objective tech journalist.  there are hundreds of much older guys than you, claiming to be tech journo's who could take a couple of pages out of your book.
    I have a Passport for work.  It is an extremely efficient work machine, the battery is really great, for me it is perfect.  I also have an Android tablet for messing about and thats nice too:). 

  16. Hi Cam. I need help finding a good tripod to hold my note 4. I plan on setting it up and walking away so I want something that will actually stand up. There are so many mixed reviews and I wanted to see if you had some suggestions. Thanks and keep up the great videos. 

  17. well i have a Passport and i think it is fucking amazing! No problem with pics,Twitter,Facebook and Spotify and the assistant is fantastic, reads my emails & messages whilst driving no probs and i can reply hands free and it has never missed a beat.
    I really do understand the criticism of it! i had iPhone 5s and changed to 6 and now i have the Passport and i haven't missed iPhone at all! whats more  when you use Facebook and Youtube NO Ads! The width of the phone took a week to get used to thats it! i now am loving how wide it is because emails and the web look great.

  18. I find that I like the BB10 OS a great deal.  The Passport and for that matter most BlackBerry devices are core communication devices…this task is a task that BlackBerry simply performs well.

  19. This was a great series! I loved seeing how much you just fell in love with some things, didnt like others, but was able to find solutions to the problems you ran into. It was honest and well thought out. Well done Cam. You have a life time viewer in me

  20. The only thing keeping me from switching to BB forever is android notifications not working on bb10.3… When I have my blackberry it only rings for messages and phones calss… Nothing else… Not news, not swarm friends, not weather alert, not twitter favorites… And that just males bb useless… Please blackberry figure oue android notifications!!!

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