BlackBerry Passport (AT&T Edition): Unboxing + First Impressions

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If the BlackBerry Passport is “not your grandfather’s BlackBerry,” then the AT&T BlackBerry Passport is … not … your cousin’s, either.

That analogy didn’t really work out for us, but this unboxing and first-impressions video did. Yep: we finally caved and picked up a BlackBerry Passport review device, courtesy of the good folks at AT&T, and we’re finally covering it for all you BlackBerry fans out there. So sit down, strap in, and stretch those thumbs: the world’s squarest BlackBerry is in our review labs, and we’re about to take it for a ride!


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36 Comments on BlackBerry Passport (AT&T Edition): Unboxing + First Impressions

  1. Don't believe me check it out for yourself aT&T has become a wing of the CIA not only spying on their customers but using their access to the backbone of the Internet to spy on all other networks forwarding over 30,000 emails per day to the CIA home defense not only this but they actually read the emails process the emails and categorize the emails going way over and above the law please ban all aT&T products

  2. I don't think your thoughts on the latest Blackberry Software can be carried over from your classic review. If i remember correctly your experience of Blackberry 10 on the classic was a slow and cumbersome one where you would wait on things to load. That isn't the Blackberry 10 experience on the passport (or on any device I have used). More powerful hardware gives a smooth swiping and flicking experience that can probably only be matched by IOS.

  3. People have been able to get Google play services up and running believe it or not. Had my unlocked version for three days now. As always when switching to BlackBerry from ios or android it takes a bit of patients at first. Honestly can't believe Micheal gave up the phone for someone else to review. It's making my nexus 6 look bad in almost every way but just a few. 1:1 hurts to watch movies on. With that said the quality is great and I've been super happy. The mid range emphasized sounds make this the best sounding smartphone to date in my opinion. If it takes a company being on their last leg to take bold leaps in design perhaps more should follow BlackBerry's lead. Almost forgot to mention, the battery life unlike some of the android 3000+mah players it holds up like it should. Right on par with the iPhone 6+ If not better. Gonna do some testing with a friend on that one. Time will tell but I think BlackBerry has got a good thing with the square. Perhaps great! Ps the keyboard being a capacitive touchpad is too cool. 

  4. for all of you blind apple and android users, blackberry passport is the best phone i have used in years. android app support is amazing [faster than my moto x] 

  5. I bought BB stock, not because I believe they have any chance of innovation in the future, but because their stock is already so Dort cheap and it is only a matter of time before someone else pitches in to buy them out. 

  6. If Blackberry started making phones with Android, I think they'd still be a serious contender. Physically, the phones are awesome. The Classic is always going to be a great form factor, the Passport actually feels really really cool, and I always though the z10 and z30 were great on the outside. 

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