BlackBerry Leap review

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BlackBerry is well-known for making devices with physical keyboards which inspire productivity. So, exactly why it’s still making all-touch devices is a little intriguing, to say the least. With the Leap, the manufacturer is trying to appeal to smartphone buyers in the mid/low end of the market. But has it succeeded? Cam reviews the Leap and gives his thoughts of this smartphone.

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  1. Good review but it absolutely boggles the mind that you completely neglected the fact that this is a PHONE yet you mentioned NOTHING about call and speakerphone quality.

  2. After watching the incredible BlackBerry India Blog review I just ordered this in gray for $144 at Never used BlackBerry but was blown away by their review. I like the Conservative Gray and I find I like older displays better because the new displays outside are useless. I have a Galaxy but hate android and ios seems boring. Windows is useless but my 1020 takes great shots. I think a lot of people would be interested in BlackBerry if they saw India blog review. Never presume what people want.

  3. Its 200 dollars right now. Im totally getting it as a secondary phone. Im currently using an iphone but i've always loved blackberry. Switched cuz of the app store. Now i have a reason to switch back. Amazon, google play, and blackberry world

  4. Apart from the Amazon App store where or how can i install more Android apps (and/or 3rd-party app stores) especially Google apps? And will Android apps work or run almost 100%?

  5. +PhoneDog Pathetic review…. You forget to mention the Amazon AppStore, one of the most important features, complain about Camera because you can't take macro shots and White balance which can be adjusted.

    Not researched properly and biased… pathetic.

  6. Ok so next time you want to demonstrate a phone's performance in the UI, don't spend time swiping left and right, left and right. Launch programs. Switch between programs. For example, show how the phone boots, how long it takes to open the dialer. Show how long it takes to open facebook and how many apps it can handle running at the same time before it shuts them down. Overall a bad review. Just bad. No mention of bugs, annoyances, differences. All I remember from the review is that someone plays the guitar and that someone was swiping left and right in the programs list.

  7. The price of the Leap has been dropped to $199 in the US and £145 in the UK on the BlackBerry online stores in a "back to school" promotion. This should answer your concern about the initial pricing. This is the time to get the device for those who were holding out.

  8. There really is no better mobile OS than BB 10 for communication and productivity in my opinion.

    A lot of android apps run on it as well but the hub alone is what makes the Leap my device of choice. Even though I also have an HTC One M8 I barely use it because the hub is such a pleasure to use.

  9. I never could understand why people b*tch about a phone's resolution. If it's under 6 inches 720p is more than adequate unless your eyes are like magnifying glass. LOL

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