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BlackBerry Curve 9320 at Phones 4u. We review the BlackBerry Curve 9320 from RIM, the latest mid-range device from the Canadian manufacturer. Phones 4u are massive fans of BlackBerry mobile phones, and the new Curve 9320 lives up to all expectations, offering loads of cool smartphone functions in a moderately priced handset.

Features available to download onto the mobile include BlackBerry Bridge, which allows you to pair with a Playbook accessing data and even using the smartphone as a mouse. The 9320 has a BBM hot key too for quick and instant access to all your BlackBerry Messenger functions.

Running BB OS 7.1 means you get the most up to date BlackBerry software there is on offer, and the handset houses a QWERTY keyboard and trackpad combination for quick and easy navigation. The smartphone has a compact 2.44-inch LCD display and 806MHz processor, making it an affordable yet attractive choice.

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  1. Hi Kevin. We’re always trying to give our customers the best deal possible, and as a result we sometimes have to change the price in order to do this. Is it the BlackBerry Curve 9320 you’re interested in? If so, you can find all our latest deals and offers on our website or in your local store.

    Dan G

  2. Hi Craig

    Thanks for getting in touch. If you are looking into different payment options with Phones 4u then the best option is to call into your local store and have a chat about how you would ideally like to pay for your device. Obviously when discussing something like this we recommend speaking person to person.

    If you have any other questions please just give me a shout.


    Dan N

  3. Hi there samsou

    Thanks for getting in touch. Although all BlackBerry devices (and indeed pretty much all smartphones) get hot when being used heavily, if it getting hot when switched off your device may be faulty. The best course of action would be to contact your handset issuer and notify them of the issue and see what they recommend.


    Dan N

  4. I have this phone and its good for texting, bbm and games. the high tec reselution is really good for playing detailed games(y) buy this phone everyone and instead of getting a iphone get a bb and a ipod touch 😀

  5. Depends… if u are a buisness man or a social type of guy who likes to chat on BBM blackberry is your best choice. If u like to play games,watch videos and go on the internet, Apple is good

  6. well that of course depends where you go 🙂 the company RIM that make blackberrys are in serious trouble financially tho and may not even be here in the next year or so, so they can't be that great, but you've got to admit they are outdated. Have you ever used an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

  7. its well worth it mate trust me its 40% faster from the previous curve
    i got it on 02 good connection there is 512 mb built in storage and you can put a
    memory card in it witch is cool up to 32gb

    its £140 on 02 😉 witch is what i got

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